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Posted by Michael on August 25, 2000 at 14:27:16:

In Reply to: Cynical Greek Melbourne Girl posted by Lisa on August 20, 2000 at 22:41:53:


I am 30 years old. I live in the US where I was raised by loving, militant Greek parents. I went to Greek school for six years and to Greece practically every other summer from age 6 to 20. I was raised to marry that nice Greek girl from the same village. I was raised to do all of the things that "good little Greek boys" do. I love my heritage. I love my parents. It is a rich cultural life that they gave me.

When I was 25, I moved to a part of the US close to many Greeks from my parents place. I knew them since childhood. As my education advanced and as many girls' parents wanted me for their friends stopped calling. Jealousy? I will never know. My parents limited me, however, there were no girls "good enough". One didn't have a house; another had a fat grandmother, etc....This got very frustrating. None of my Greek friends would talk to me or visit. I lived two hours away and worked a busy schedule. I did not hear from any of these "friends". I then happened to meet a wonderful woman who I was convinced was my soulmate. She made me a better person. She was independent, intelligent, cute and funny. There was only one problem. She wasn't Greek! We went through hell. My mother called her all sorts of names that I won't even mention here. My grandmother did not talk to me for 4 years. My uncles and aunts stopped calling me (even on my nameday). The only ones who stood by me were my brothers and sisters.

What is the point? Well, by limiting me and lifting me up to be so parents pretty much excluded any woman from consideration and then realized their worst nightmare,....I brought home an American.

It's not that you should not take pride in what our ancestors gave this world. You should see the modern Greeks as limited cultural thinkers. They are relatively closed minded and everything revolves around Greece and Greeks and the rest of the world be damned. IT's not flattering and it is not right. There are many things that you might not be able to perpetuate in your kids if you marry a non-Greek, but I would rather be married to a loving, classy non-Greek than to some Greek who is a mistake.

Don't be picky! Make sure that your future spouse (Greek or not) makes you happy and is a good person...let the rest work itself out.

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