Re: The Way Greeks See Their Children vs. The World

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Posted by Teddy on August 25, 2000 at 15:48:38:

In Reply to: The Way Greeks See Their Children vs. The World posted by Michael on August 25, 2000 at 14:53:05:

I read your post and must comment and warn others reading this that this is not true of all Greeks. There are those such as my parents, aunts and uncles, relatives etc. who are not fanatical about this. Sure they wanted me to marry a Greek but hey why wouldn't they as do all ethnicities of their children. The difference in my situation is that it was not a hot point of contention. My father is a Greek Orthodox Priest (how much more Greek can you get) and he nor my mother ever freaked when I dated non greek girls and they always said you should marry for love and try to find a good person with a good heart. It is true, if culture and religion are part of the package it is much easier and less stressfull. I wanted less stressfull. I was not forced to marry a Greek girl...I wanted to because I love my Greek heritage, religion, music, food, dancing etc. etc. I guess my parents showed me this somehow as I was growing up because deep down I wanted a Greek girl and I am as North American as they get. I love Canada (this is where I live) I love rock music and play guitar. I have played in many rock bands. I love lot's of things that are of western culture but I still maintain to this day I am so happy I married a Greek girl. Together we understand everything about how Greeks are, family get togethers, cultural distictness, Faith and Holy Days. To me it is a much easier, less stressfull life...and guess what...I love my wife very much because we found each other in this western culture.

My parents were very happy that I married a Greek girl and I tell you family dinners etc. with inlaws are fun times but I am sure they would have been just as happy if I had married a non Greek as long as the person I married was a good person. The fact is I wanted to marry a Greek girl because I imagined my life in the future. To all those who are single Greeks...think about that carefully. But I stress....a good heart in any ethnic background is the key to a happy life together and all Greek parents need to see and understand that as well.

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