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Posted by Kefalonitis on October 08, 2000 at 06:34:07:

In Reply to: Re: the confusing feeling of knowing two countries posted by Maria on September 26, 2000 at 18:56:27:

: My parents are greek but I was born and raised in the US. Do I consider myself Greek? Of course. When people ask I say I'm a first generation Greek-American to be correct but personally I consider myself Greek. I don't think it matters where you were born or raised but how you were raised. I was raised with the Greek culture, speak Greek fluently and go every summer. My Greek friends who live there consider me Greek, sure my nickname may be "amerikanaki" but they treat me as an equal. And yeah there have been times when I have felt as if I don't belong anywhere but that is because I was raised with a mix of the American and Greek culture. It's as if you create a little world of your own. There are things that my Greek friends there can't understand but if you talk to Greek-Americans, Greek-Canadians, Greek-Australians, they know exactly what you mean because they have been raised basically the same way. As far as relationships, I have tried both and frankly dating Greeks is easier for me. When I have been in relationships with American guys there have been too many culture differences (my customs, beliefs, religion, etc). If people can work things out all the better but it's just too hard for me. I guess it depends on the person, if they are willing to become in some way "Greek" or accept the culture.

Maria, I agree that hanging out with Greeks is easier and that generally speaking you have more things in common with someone with similar background and upbringing. Try explaining the words/expressions "filotimo", "maggia", "tzampoukas", "ekana ohtaria", to a non-Greek! On the other hand, being a F.O.B. in the States for the past few years ("Free On Board" is the equivalent of "amerikanaki" Maria!), I have tried to mingle with other cultures as well, because I want to keep an open mind and learn from the rich diversity of this country. As for Greeks that were born and raised in the States, I 've realized that they feel a unique attachment to the homeland, take pride in their ethnic background, and appreciate the things that I take for granted.
Long Live Hellenism!

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