Re: Why do so many intercultural relationships end??

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Posted by Vicky on November 07, 2000 at 15:09:14:

In Reply to: Re: Why do so many intercultural relationships end?? posted by Sylvia on November 07, 2000 at 13:31:44:

: : Sylvia,
: : You sound as if you have received the exception to the rule, in your experience with you man. Unfortunetely that is not the rule, or the norm. Since you have been so fortunate, you have never had to deal with the trauma of "What IF"? his parents had not been so supportive, "What IF"? they were not accepting of you? By reading your posts, I am drawing the conclusion that you are not married to this man yet, nor living with him, am I correct? You are very lucky that his parents are different, but you will never know the affects of this type of brainwashing in the Greek parental culture...and would you really want to feel the reprocussions?

: Mihalis HAS lived it....and seen his way through it, you have not. I have lived it, and seen my way through it, although the results were the opposite of Mihalis, which in deed is the norm. Thank the Lord you were fortunate enough to NOT have to experience it...because if you had, you just may be in my court...

: You sound like you had a very bad experience and I feel sorry for you. I do Thank The Lord evey day for many things believe me....
: No I am not married since we both have been married before we do feel the need to marry right away,we know eachother for many years now and have a very solid base for a loving relationship.
: Your right, I will never know the effects of the "brainwashing thing" Thanks God, I never had to deal with it. Honest, I never realised I was so lucky to have in-laws that respect my culture and accept me right away..(and believe me I do know about the "dark" sides of some greek parents...but I do not want to get too personnal on the messageboard)I did talk with Greek friends about this issue and they told me that the attitude of the parents depends on where they come from and ofcourse it depends on the man, is he strong enough to stand up against the parents and choose his way of life. All of them said that they had parents who respect their choices. I hate to say this but it also depends on their education and their general look at life. personally I believe that IF a man really is in love with a woman NOBODY can stop him, not even "Brainwashing"parents!!
: lots of happiness to you.

Sylvia you are not the only lucky woman! I am Swedish and I have been married for five years to Makis, my Greek husband. We have 2 children and are very happy together. No problems with the parents at all.
There are lots of women who have been dissapointed by Greek men maybe our happy stories are not the ones they want to hear. Please take a good look at the messageboard its full of sad, sad stories! We are lucky women! Is it possible to email you?

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