You obviously know little about Ottoman times

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Posted by Plutonas on December 19, 2000 at 14:07:18:

In Reply to: Greeks and the Ottoman Rule posted by Mike on December 18, 2000 at 11:20:31:

In the history of mankind, their has been hardly worse oppression. The Ottomans and their ancestors (Seljuks, Oguz Turks, etc.) masterminded several organized genocides (notably the Armenian, Greek, and Syrian ones) as well as 100's (if not thousands) of massacres. These include the many nationalities (not just Greeks as you state). Before the Turks invaded Asia Minor, over 7 million Christians live their, now there are around 10,000 mixed groups of Christians. This also does not mention oppression of the minorities (a good example of this is the Muslim Kurds, who have almost no rights in Turkey).

And of course, lets not forget about the janissaries (Christian boys, though mostly Greek in race) who were taken from their parents (as a tax) and converted to Islam after a gradual period of "schooling" (brainwashing). Then of course, they were used to carry out the Sultans word (kill their former countrymen).
The Ottoman horrors are not from 150 years ago, either... many of them took play in the early to mid 1900's. The Armenian genocide took place about 1915 (correct me if I am mistaken), the burning of Smyrna (along with the follow-up massacres in the city) took place in 1922, and the massacre of Greeks in Constantinople took place in 1955 (a mere 45 years ago). Now only 3,000 (or less) Greeks live in Constantinople. I highly suggest you do some reading on history before you make yourself look like more of a fool.

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