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Posted by Kiwi on December 19, 2000 at 21:13:58:

In Reply to: WRONG AGAIN posted by Plutonas on December 19, 2000 at 14:28:43:

: : The Church does not make statements on such things as sex before marriage, abortion, divorce, etc... etc...

: The Church VERY WELL has taken stances on such topic. Abortion is TOTALLY and UTTERLY against Orthodox Christian stances, and totally condemned from the Church. Every Orthodox Christian knows this and is taught it. Not only would such an abomination cause a person to get excommunicated from the Church, but they would also burn in hell for all eternity.
: : Some may regard it as a sin, others not. The religion is communicated to us by preists and being humans they also do have their own opinions so we can debate this forever.

: : Things do change over time - that goes without saying. This does not mean that the religion has not been kept pure.

: The Orthodox Church is based on remaining the same. We have not made any "innovations" (like the Catholics for example) over time.

: : It was once the case that if you didn't go to church for 3 weeks in row, you were regarded as not being Orthodox anymore - now if we still practiced this......

: I'm sure that was the case.... (yea right)

What utter claptrap that abortion is a great sin especially in Greece. That is their preferred method of contraception and I know because I lived there for a number of years. It was against their beliefs to take the pill, but not to have an abortion.When I got pregnant with my 4th child I was told I should have an abortion as it was a mistake to get pregnant and I shouldn't have to have this baby. Big mistake as I now have a fantastic son (no. 3). So don't go on about religion because everyone does what suits there purposes.

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