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Posted by Tuba on December 24, 2000 at 15:04:56:

In Reply to: Re: "The Turkish race ..." posted by Nikolaos on December 20, 2000 at 08:46:38:

I think between the emotions of the massacered and the sterility of the academic lies the truth. Most of the Turks of today are not Turks of yesterday, any more than most of the Germans today are the ones who slaughtered millions. But to ignore history does a disservice to fact and to the victims. Yet, there is such a thing as national character, the mind set and morays of a people. The Turks, unlike the Germans, convenniently fail to mention past atrocities they have committed. The Germans are making an effort to inclulcate the idea that what they did was wrong. The Turks have no such compunction. On the other hand, Turkey should be supported as often as it can possibly be. It is the ONLY moslem demoncracy and as crude as their lowest point may be - as any nation has -- they are the hope of saving the rest of the free world of tomorrow from moslem aggression. I know for many Greeks this is like treating the whore like a queen, but the fact is a democratic Turkey moderated by capitalizm and secularized by modern times is a hope not a hobble, despite historical behavior to the opposit. The Turks do have a barbaric past. I think they follow a barbaric religion but they are they hope of detante for the future.

": The Turkish race is the most barbarian and uncivillised that passed Earth."

: : Such foolish general statements show the racistic attitude of the writer. They are not worth any more comment.

: : Mike A. (not identical with "Mike" who opened the thread)

: Have you come from planet Mars? I would like to know what did the turks offer mankind?

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