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Posted by Stelios on December 27, 2000 at 14:01:09:

In Reply to: Quiz! posted by Mike on December 21, 2000 at 10:15:56:

There is nothing erroneous or indeterminate to
this statement. It expresses the great majority
of Greek sentiment, though not yours.

Macedonia was Greek refers to the fact that the
Macedonians of old were one of the many branches
of the Hellenic nation sharing common linguistic
and cultural traits with the rest of the Hellenes.
The name Makedonia comes from the ancient meaning
"land of the tall men". Their progeny is common
with the Dorians (Hellenes that settled southern
Greece - Peloponnesos primarily).

Macedonia is Greek is self-explanatory in that it
forms the present-day northern tier of the Greek
Republic and its famous capital is Thessaloniki
(not Salonika or Solun). Thessaloniki was the
sister of Alexander the Great!

Macedonia will be Greek implies that the Greeks
will keep their northern tier (Macedonia) under
Greek sovereignty. By peaceful or other means
if necessary. We definitely will not cede it to
the slavs (see FYROM) to help them solve their
identity crisis.

Oh, just to keep it simple for you and that you
don't get lost in the transition -- Hellenic and
Greek are synonyms in the Hellenic conscience.

Anything else I can explain to you Mike? Care to
share your real ethnic heritage with us? It might
put some perspective on your pointed questions...

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