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Posted by Joanna on January 17, 2001 at 20:07:19:

In Reply to: Re: Need help naming my baby boy.... posted by christina on December 31, 2000 at 19:11:11:

: : We are expecting our fourth child at the end of February - a boy after 3 girls. We are trying to find a name for him, our daughters names are; Zoe, Sophia and Charis. We would like for him to have a Grrek name also, but are having a hard time - we don't want it to be too common or too popular. My sister has used Nicholas - we both liked that but it's out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
: : Thanx,
: : Stephanie

I'm rather late in entering this discussion but seeing that your baby is not due until February then I think I still have the opportunity to contribute. There are Greek names with equivalent English names and all of the following names come from Saints and Martyrs and have feast-days:

Jason (pronounced Iason in Greek, Jacob (pronounced Iakov), Raphael (pronounced Rafail in Greek), Gabriel (pronounced Gavriil), Damian (in greek: Damianos), Aaron, Adam, Benjamin (in greek: Veniamin), David, Damon, Gregory (Gregorios), Ephraim (pronounced Efraim), Zachariah (in Greek pronounced: Zaharia), Elia (pronounced Ilia), Theodore (Theodoros), Thomas, Jeremiah or Jeremy (pronounced Ieremia), Jordan (pronounced Iorthanis), Julius (greek: Ioulios), Justin (greek: Ioustinos), Justinian (greek: Ioustinianos), Isaac, Joachim (greek: Ioakim), Joel (in greek: Ioil), Jonas (greek: Ionas), Joseph (in greek: Iosif), Claudius (in greek: Klavthios), Cornelius (in greek: Kornelios), Cyrill (in Greek: Kyrillos), Lazarus (greek: Lazaros), Laurence (in greek: Laurentios), Leon, Leonidas, Lucas/Luke (greek: Loukas), Manuel (in greek: Manouil), Maximillian (in greek: Maximillianos), Maximus (in greek: Maximos), Marcus/Mark (in greek: Markos), Martin (in greek: Martinos), Matthew (in greek: Mattheos), Moses (in greek: Moisis), Nathanael (in greek: Nathanail), Narcissus (in greek: Narkissos), Neil (in greek: Nilos), Nestor, Nikita (this is NOT a girl's name), Nicodemus (in greek: Nikodemos), Homer (in greek Omiros), Valentinus (in greek Oualentinos), Valerius (in greek: Oualerios), Victor, Paul (in greek: Pavlos), Pericles (in greek: Periklis), Plato (in greek: Platon), Rufus (in greek: Roufos), Roman/Romanus (in greek: Romanos), Romulus (in greek: Romalos), Sebastian (in greek: Sevastianos), Seraphim, Serge/Sergius (in greek: Sergios), Silvester (in greek; Silvestros), Simon, Stephan (in greek: Stefanos), Socrates (in greek: Sokratis), Terence (in greek: Terentios), Timothy (in greek: Timotheos), Timon, Titus, Fabio (in greek: Favios), Felix (in greek: Filix), Philemon/Filemon, Phillip, Flavius (in greek: Flavios).

There are heaps more names that I've left out but I thought the above may be interesting. Don't forget that the above are all Saints names and they have feast-days. Personally, I think it would be nice to re-introduce some long-forgotten names. Best of luck to you with choosing a name if you haven't decided yet, and all the best for you and your baby.

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