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Posted by B on January 25, 2001 at 05:07:58:

In Reply to: Anal sex - is it true? posted by IN love with Thespina/Boston on January 25, 2001 at 00:09:41:

Before anyone Blasts you, and I am guessing from the tone of this board they probably will. This is not an ignorant question, nor is it ethnocentric, nor are you a "stupid american" which is the answer many people have gotten from asking such a question.

With that out of the way, I will first say that I am not a scholar, not am I Greek. I have however done a considerable amount of research (not necessarily on the subject, but at least on the culture.) And as a matter of fact that was a question (though indirectly) that I had.

Yes that is what "going greek" means, but it is slang that you would probably never hear in Greece. Additionally it also means the same act, but with a partner of the same sex (you probably don't want to be throwing this new phrase around). Without starting too much controversy, a long, long, long time ago Greek boys (and I am not sure if it was all, or some, rich, or poor, were educated by becoming apprentices to adult Greek "educated" men. The men (not their fathers) taught the boys a trade or skill, they taught them how to fight, and how to be resourceful.. Basically they taught them how to be "Men". Anyway, they also taught them how to love. Now I should stop here and tell you that this was not a practice which was looked down upon or thought to be an abomination, it was a perfectly accepted practice that was part of growing up. Anyway, they taught them how to love literally. There are many other explanations which I have heard, some more modern, some a little bit vulgar. This is the one which I think is probably the nicest and most accurate. Anyway, stereotypes abound, and they likely stem from this practice. Some of them are fitting, some are not.

You should understand that the relationship and heriarchy between men and woman is very different in Greece and, generally speaking, views about sex and sexual practices are different then in the United States and other Western countries (different, not bad or good, just different).

All you need to know is that anal sex is practiced the world over. It is nothing new, nor something which the Greeks lay any claim on inventing (and if they do they would be very wrong). Just because your girlfriend is Greek does not mean that this is her sexual preference. If you do decide to table this idea with her I might suggest leaving the "Greek" part out of it. Also I would suggest being very drunk and I would not plan on seeing her again if your plan backfires. Good luck

: Hi.. I was wondering if it is true that Greek couples practice anal sex as a matter of course. I am not trying to be crude, but I have always heard this, and I'd really like to know if there is any truth to the expression, "going greek".

: Quite seriously, I don't want to offend anyone. I am just hoping to understand what will be expected of me once married. I love my girlfriend and would never dishonor her by asking her this.
: I just am not sure if I really want this for myself.

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