Re: Do Americans carry prejudice toward Greek people?

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Posted by Arleton Romaine on February 11, 2001 at 03:42:57:

In Reply to: Do Americans carry prejudice toward Greek people? posted by Melina Christakis on January 17, 2001 at 13:39:09:

: I am doing by graduate thesis at the University of
: Oslo on the history of Greek Migration to the US.
: I know that Greek immigrants in he beginning of the
: century faced prejudice in some states of the US as
: for a example Omaha and North Carolina. I want to
: ask those Greeks who grew up in the US if they think
: they are still many Americans who would carry prejudice
: toward Greek people.

: Melina

Malina, As Black American< Who has been raised within a greek environment in Germany, I personally feel that unlike greeks abroad. Greek Ameicans do not see themselves as greek. I often hear children born from greek parents say when asked "where do you come from? In other countries they would say I'm greek, here in America they often say, My parents are greek.
In other countries you'll find that greeks are very proud of there heritage and One is more likley to find 2nd or 3rd generation greeks who still possess a broad knowlegde in both language, dance and culture. Sadley that is not the case in America. I personally donnot believe that the american society, as a whole in the world we live in can respect the fact that it's civilization derives directly from Phillipos & Alexandros!
We can go on and on, sience, philosophy even our language can be traised back to Greece. It is only in America or the (modern Roman empire) that such a great and rich society as the Greeks could ever question its werth.

PS I thank the Pondi for sharing thier language as well as the Greek, and giving me balance, strength and courage. And may one day Konstintinopil be delivered unto those who would kiss its earth.

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