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Posted by Joanna on March 04, 2001 at 19:14:31:

In Reply to: BABY NAME CRISIS! HELP! posted by Mihalis on March 02, 2001 at 08:08:47:

: My wife and I are expecting a daughter and we are unable to decide on a name. The leading name candidate is Elpitha (Hope, in English). Another name that my wife likes is "Nicole"...but what is that in Greek? "Nikoletta" is not a name that I like. Are there other ways to translate it? It is our first (and maybe last) daughter and my mother-in-law does not want us to name it after her. Any constructive thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

: Thanks,

: Mihalis

The name of "Niki" (in greek: Νίκη) by itself is a full and proper Greek name. There is a Saint Niki. She was a martyr and her feast day is on April 16. Also, below I have included a list of girl names (if you're interested) that I have come across in a Greek Orthodox prayer/service book. All these are names from Saints and therefore all have feast days:

Agatha (Αγάθη), Athena (Αθήνα), Athanasia (Αθανασία), Ekaterina (Αικατερίνα), Alexandra (Αλεξάνδρα), Anastasia (Αναστασία), Anthia (Ανθία), Anthousa (Ανθούσα), Antigone (Αντιγόνη), Antonia (Αντωνία), Ariadne (Αριάδνη), Aspasia (Ασπασία), Aphrodite (Αφροδίτη), Barbara (Βαρβάρα), Vasiliki (Βασιλική), Veronike/ica (Βερονίκη), Vivian/e (Βιβιανή), Georgia (Γεωργία), Glykeria (Γλυκερία), Daria (Δαρεία), Dimitra (Δίμητρα), Irene (Ειρήνη), Helen (Ελένη), Elizabeth (Ελισάβετ), Erasmia (Ερασμία), Hermione (Ερμιόνη), Eva (Έυα), Eugenia (Ευγενία), Euphemia (Ευφεμία), Zoe (Ζωή), Theodosia (Θεοδοσία), Theodora (Θεοδώρα), Julia (Ιουλία), Juliana (Ιουλιανή), Justina/e (Ιουστίνα), Joanna (Ιωάννα), Calliope (Καλλιόπη), Callista/e (Καλλίστη), Claudia (Κλαυδία), Cleo (Κλειώ), Lukia (Λουκία), Lydia (Λυδία), Magdelene (Μαγδαληνή), Margaret (Μαργαρίτα), Martha (Μάρθα), Maria (Μαρία), Marianthe (Μαριάνθη), Marianna (Μαριάννα), Marina (Μαρίνα), Markella (Μαρκέλλα), Markia (Μαρκία), Natalia/e (Ναταλία), Niki (Νίκη), Xanthia (Ξανθία), Xeni/a (Ξένη), Olga (Όλγα), Paraskevi (Παρασκευή), Pandora (Πανδώρα), Pelagia (Πελαγία), Petronia (Πετρωνία), Priscilla (Πρίσκιλλα), Salome (Σαλώμη), Sophia (Σοφία), Stephanie (derived from Stephanos: Στεφανία), Susanna (Σωσάννα), Tabitha (Τάβιθα), Tatiana (Τατιανή), Filothei (Φιλοθέη), Phoebe (Φοίβη), Fotini (Φωτεινή), Hariklea (Χαρίκλεια), Christina (Χριστίνα), Chrysanthe (Χρυσάνθη).

All the best!

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