Re: Translation please! Can anyone help me?

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Posted by Georgia on March 26, 2001 at 14:52:25:

In Reply to: Translation please! Can anyone help me? posted by Annita on March 26, 2001 at 07:15:34:

I did my best. I hope this makes sense.
Hi there Panagiota,

It's the second time I am writing to you and you still have not sent me a message. I want and hope that I am wrong and it never got there, but I don't think so, or maybe you have not opened your mailbox. Anyways, I am trying one last time. If you don't reply, now there is definately something wrong and I will not bother you again.
I would like to remain friends after so many nice moments I realized where we went wrong after so many years our personalities have very good charactaristics. We should be a couple, in my opinion, it is better off to remain as best friends. I believe that this is the only way we could now be together without all this that I am saying having any meaning. I had a nice time with you and I hope you have kept only the nice moments in your mind.
Anyway, I now continue.
From the moment I have the internet, I haven't been able to lift my head off the computer.
Thanks God Giota likes it too and she won't leave me.
Honestly, how di you like the pictures? Did you like Giota in the second? The blond is Laki's girlfriend.
He took a while but he succeeded.

I haven't changed at all. I am just like I was at the wedding, only my hair has gotten longer. If you want and you have a scanner, send me a picture so I can see how you have changed or if you are the same doll you were .
I also want you te tell me everything about you, your family, and all that's going on in your life.
Now about me, we are expecting a baby 2 days after your birthday, the doctor had misdiagnosed the due date. I am fine and I feel that this is one of the best times in my life.
I have a wife that loves me and I love her. I am jealous of her a little, but in a good way.
I believe I have every right and you will agree if you look at the picture I am very fortunate that we are expecting a baby.
Financially, we are ok. We just started the house at Aunt Marigo's.
That's all the news on me. I would like to tell you more but I don't know if you are interested since you haven't answered my messages. I have told you that I would like to keep in touch and exchange ideas. At least I gave it a shot, now I'm waiting for you.
If you write, I'll tell you more. I also have to confess about something that happened to me while we were together. I never told you but I want to now. If you go to chat, I'm there if you want to chat on line. Good bye and I hope we talk soon.

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