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Posted by Joanna on April 03, 2001 at 20:37:45:

In Reply to: Re: I had a dream.... posted by Heleni on April 03, 2001 at 12:53:58:

: Actually yes Maya!!! yesterday the weather started to be very very the summer weather already..... THANX!!!

: Has the weather changed already? Usually the dead
: : in your dreams "predict" the weather changes,and nothing more serious.

: : : Can someone tell me the meaning of the following dream:

: : : It was very very intense.... I dream of my dead uncle (Kleomenes) which die like 9 years ago. We see eachother on an island, I was on the island and he came from he see like walking or in a small boat (donīt remember) as soon as I saw him I felt an amazing happines. We kissed eachother a lot as we were on a small boat crossing the see to go somewere else. In my dream I didnīt care about being with him and the people was watching us. My alarm starts ringing early in the morning and my dream was so so beautiful that I tryed three times to sleep again and dream with him again...... but couldnīt. During the whole mornign I feel like if he is with me......
: : : Can someone tell me any meaning about this?????

: : : Thanks
: : : Heleni


Don't look for meanings in your dreams. They are just your subconscious expressing itself while you sleep. For example, in many of my dreams certain worries that I may have during the day are often wildly exaggerated in the dream. As for weather changes, the weather can change suddenly from one day to the next. People worry themselves and waste time looking for meanings in dreams when they should be disregarded.

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