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Posted by alex on July 02, 2001 at 02:17:09:

In Reply to: Re: Greek girls & white boys posted by Evangelos Melahris on April 30, 2000 at 22:39:55:

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: : : I once dated a white boy for several months of my life. Sure it was nice and fun for awhile, sur he treated me great, but like all things it came to an end. I loved that guy and a part of me still really loves him, but he just couldn't give me the sort of companionship a Greek boy could. There so much more attentive, and it's easier to be around them in the community. So if there are any Greek boys out there who would like to meet a wonderful girl, please e-mail me

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: hey I've met a lot of girls like on iboom & greektown I'm the best looking greek anbd nicest and I've never been treated so badly as the greek girls treat me?? I do have the looks I don't make but maybe 25k yr and I think this is what the greek girls don't like ? Well the american girls treat me lovely and although I dream of marrying a greek girl from my own country I won;t sweat a moment ><> I've been raised mostly in the south US since I was brought here from athens in 71 so I'm still learning lots bout my culture and lots I don't like << Most of your boys run around like dogs and cheat on wives terribly and yes I don't look too greek maybe I'm too blonde but I know in my heart I'm a true greek who I would love my wife endlessly if I was married and to see some of these so called ( turkish looking greeks dare claim to be and treat one of their won like shit tells me someone needs to stand up & tell you all to take a second look >>> You began democracy & all the great ideas yet you have come so low so as to rank people on money & superficial things!!

: If there's one of you greek girls who really want a knockout greek contact me<< I don't think you will << just like the white girls you sink low for money & life of security & marry some fat bloated geezer who sweats & stinks and looks like has one eyebrow & u adore him right???

: You greeks need to wake up << read definition of fraternity and then tell me your better than whites?? I never saw color & frankly my dear these white women treat me good just on my looks and kindness alone !!!

u claim to be all mr no racism & shit meanwhile u use the term "u greeks" assuming we all share that same opinion,might as well say all blacks are criminals.And how often u see a black girl with a white guy.

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