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Posted by myth lover on October 27, 2001 at 15:50:51:

In Reply to: Origin of word God posted by Wilson Cheung on January 28, 2001 at 15:57:46:

: What's the origin of the word "God"?

I would say it came from Egypt, which loved words that were the same backward and forward. The greeks have preserved this for us in their recording of the concept of "palindromes". Therefore it would have been then originally "gog" and remaining seen in "demigogue" etc. Also in the bible, gog and magog in Revelations would be referring to Gog(god) and something-god, depending on what ma is in hebrew and egyptian. We have a good clue that "Amen", "Sun" of god, "Nun" all came from egyptian, Amon, Son symbol of god's eye, and Nun , even the ankh as the first cross, and the romans may have taken the words and tried to twist the original meanings to keep the christians in line with institutionalizing their religion to control them. In the same way Horus (literally "hare") the child, who could be compared to the "son of god" (Osiris), remains in the rabbit associated with Christian easter and god's son's ressurection, and his nickname in egyptian myth of 'Harus the child' (harus/horus) remains in the undetermined root of "har le quin" of french, kin being child as in kindergarten and root of kin, relative. It is notable that harlequin figure has the eqyptian teardrop symbol under one eye. The fact that lilies are today and thru history associated with Mary, and in the word fleur d'lis, may imply that Is (isis in latin) name meant actually Lily literally. Osiris would have been osir, before the -is latin ending, and remaining in Cyrus (meaning sun), Sire (king), sire (to father) and "Sir" for man.
It is of note that many bible stories appear to mirror earlier egyptian myth. In egyptian creation, there were supposedly two couples (adam and eves), one bad and one good. Osiris and Isis, were the good; Nepthys and husband Seth were the evil. Seth was sterile, so he had children descendants by generosity of brother Osiris' help, who were then only related through their mother to the evil line. Seth for a time, killed Osiris to gain control; Isis pregnant, ran to hiding and had Horus the baby to protect his life from Seth; she hid him in the reeds just like the Moses story. When Horus grows up, he rights the situation, and Seth and his clan are kept away from the gentle clan to do no harm. In addition, the star of david appears to be an early egyptian logo for "upper and lower" (n/south) egypt using the pyramid. The fact that the bible creation story details are not logical, as in cain and able (we are all from cain the murderer?) and eating apples, appears that it was a much altered copy of the egyptian original, that removed seth's existance from the tale for whatever reason. Perhaps, because Moses freed Seth's people, and sought to change the record on who they were supposed to be, while Egypt was subsequently conquered and largely destroyed by Rome. Most likely the christians being thrown to lions, were actually Egyptians during the sacking of Rome. The Egyptians by record had over 30 intricate commandments which include the present bible commandments, but were more refined to not "kill any living thing" (not even an earthworm) and "never make another man cry", and "an eye for an eye" referred to the comical justice of god's irony, not I will compare them to the gentle Tibetans of today, who could not fight any conquerors physically and by nature.
Additionally, the "burning bush" story Moses quoted for himself, first appeared in Ancient Egyptian myth as well. :)

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