Re: Am I waisting my time?

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Posted by ianthe on April 06, 2000 at 16:49:05:

In Reply to: Re: Am I waisting my time? posted by George on March 01, 2000 at 16:27:00:

: : : : : : I was born in South Africa, with English parents. I am Anglican but don't "practice" my religion, but I have very high standards and morals. I have been seeing the most amazing Greek guy for nearly a year now and am totally in love with him and he with me. He isn't very religious, although his parents are fanatical. I still haven't met them. My guy "doesn't want to subject me to that" because they wont accept me - for obvious reasons.

: : : : : : I adore him and want to marry him and build our own family together. He only wants to think about that kind of committment in 2 years time. It is starting to affect me because although he says I must trust him that he wont walk away from me because of what his parents say - it's very hard on me because I must just sit and wait.

: : : : : : I'm starting to get really depressed and it's starting to affect out relationship. Please help me, give me some advice. Am I waisting my time thinking that we will spend out lives together? Am I wrong to want a step towards more committment (like engagment) now?

: : : : : : H.L.

: : : : : Dear H.L: You need to read all of the advice I have gotten...better yet don't listen to anything George has said but read all the replies I have received. It may be a fact that you will never be accepted my your greek guy's parents for the duration of your marriage. I will be the daughter who will carry on the family name when we have a son and I am sure this will influence both of his parents.They do not realize this and I hope they will sooner rather than later. Hang in there I will try to offer wordsw of encouragement. The language barrier is the most difficult for me..I am learning greek and instead of seeing it as a positive step it is looked upon as something I am doing just to figure out what they are saying about me. Fortunately my guy has stood up to his parents and this doesn't happen when I am visiting. It is strange that you have not met his parents..i would be discussing the matter with him...he may not feel as confident as you say he does..

: : : : Thank you for your thoughts - TRUST ME . . I have been reading your replies. (George = what a wolly!!!) It really helps to know that others out there are going through, or have been through the same thing.

: : : : The fact that I havem't met his parents really worries me, I say if I can't meet his parents, how can we ever think of marriage? Apparently his parents just don't want to meet me, but you have a point about carrying on the name!

: : : : How was it when you met his parents for the first time? How long had you been seing your man until you got introduced? I would really like to know?

: : : : Can you speak Greek well? I am also trying to learn - frustrating sometimes though!!!

: : : : Pease let me know how things go for you?

: : : : H.L.

: : : Dear H.L: Boy the things we could share. I have been involved with my great guy for a year and have met his parents. I am not the greek girl he is supposed to marry.I have learned a little greek but it is very hard and they speak very fast. Instead of looking at it as a positive accomplishment they have viewed my embracing of the greek lang. as something of a I am trying to find out what they are saying about me.I met them fairly quickly after we started dating.Hnag in there I am ther for you...Emily

: : Emily - please could you post your email address?
: : I really would like to "chat" to you.

: really are WASTING your time on this guy...if I were so much in love with you, I would have introduced you to my parents long time're not greek....

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