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Posted by Tas on May 10, 2000 at 21:31:14:

In Reply to: Re: Orthodox people marrying Catholic people posted by clare on March 07, 2000 at 04:27:33:

A Catholic may marry into a Greek Church as long as the Greek Priest conducts the ceremony. Both
are considered Christians and therefore there is no need for the Catholic to become Orthodox, but
it would be preferred as there are many religious issues that have more meaning from an
Orthodox point of view.

This isn't quite the same as I have been lead to understand. I've heard it is quite unusual for a Orthodox church to allow a Catholic priest to take part in the service. Also, i undestand unless you are in good standing with the Orthodox church (you are baptised in the church etc) then you are not allowed to participate in the sacraments. The only exception to this rule is that a non-orthodox Christian may be married, and this is considered an exception. See - there are some quite useful discussions on this site.

: : I have read some information regarding The Orthodox
: : marrying Catholics. It has been established that a catholic can marry an orthodox in Orthodox church.

: : The other issue that I have seen being discussed is whether the Catholic church will recognize the marraige of
: : of the couple in the orthodox church.
: : It turns out that the marriage can be recognized in two ways.
: : A person can ask their Bishop for permission to marry in an orthodox church or a Catholic
: : priest can come to the Orthodox church and perform the service with the Orthodox priest.
: : The Catholic church recognizes the marriage of any two non-catholic baptized people.

: : Note: nobody has to promise to raise the children as Orthodox or Catholic in either of the churches.

: : So all of you devout Catholics out there or anyone who does not wish to part with their own cultur does not have to and
: : you don't seem to have to worry about being excommunicated.

: : another issue that I have seen raised is to what extent a Catholic can participate in the greek sacraments.
: : It seems, but I am not sure that a catholic can take communion and participate in other rituals. I am not sure so you have to
: : ask a priest and do some reading if this concerns you.
: : From what I have read, An Orthodox person can't take communion in a Catholic Church.

: : For more information do a search for Catholic and follow the marriage links

: : Also, Here is a web-site which has the Catholic encyclopedia
: : online regarding the sacrament of marriage
: :
: : the site on the marraige rite. the actual ceremony
: :

: : I have read some information regarding Greek Orthodox

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