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Posted by moi on May 18, 2000 at 06:03:21:

In Reply to: Re: Greek girls & white boys posted by Billy K. on May 15, 2000 at 20:32:34:

: Stelios, I would have to agree with you, as far
: as the Greek-Americans go.....too much of the
: "country club/status mentality". I have gotten
: "blown off" by some of these women myself.

: But I have also had to deal with the other extreme
: --the "pawn off the dead fish" routine. Some well-
: meaning people have strategically placed me at a
: table next to "somebody" at a Greek event. They
: expect me to click immediately with her.

: Problem is, personality is big thing with me. If
: they don't say anything, and have me carry the
: conversation, this is NOT the woman I would be
: interested in; I need an equal partner, not
: someone to dominate.

: These "well-meaning" Greeks asked me what I thought, and immediately I gave them the "thumbs
: down". The came back with, "Her family has money!"
: where I answered back, "SO....."

: Much as I hate to say this, you will be disappointed in the situation of women in Greece.
: It is better than it was, but still not a good
: place for a single guy.

: A lot of it has to do with the double-standards
: imposed on women. To make a long story short,
: you have the ones that "say two words then sit
: in a corner" or the ones that are pushy screamers.
: Very few in between.

: Then you have the nightclubs. A lot of men are out
: there cheating on your wives, but relatively few
: local women, due to the double-standard. Often, in many parts of Greece, you have a 3-to-1 ratio of men to women. And if you are an Americano Greek like myself, you don't have a prayer against the locals, at meeting anyone.

: It's much worse in Greece, believe me.

: I hold a space in my heart, though for the Greek-
: Australians.....they have all of the culture, but
: virtually none of the B.S. you get here in the
: states. And Canadian Greeks are right behind the
: Aussies, on the friendliness level. You're better
: off going to Melbourne, compared to Athens.

: I'm not sure where you're from, but here in the
: S.F. Bay Area, it's a nice thought to think that
: I'd find a nice Greek girl here--but not exactly
: realistic, considering the demographics here.

: I figure if I find someone that was Italian or Russian, that is probably as close as I will get.
: Unless, of course, I move to Chicago, where there
: is really not much of an excuse NOT to marry
: Greek.

: I have to like the PERSON first---nationality
: is a bonus.

you have definitely had a wide range of experiences.. i am from Melbourne and over here the Greek girls are just as pathetic as the rest,so it seems, although i have no idea what the American greeks are like, Australian Greeks are big mouthed greedy fat pigs. Gross, but they could be better than yours by a small mile!
Ethnicity sould be inconsequential, as should age, height and so on! Insane.
You are right about Australians and Canadians we are vry very similar.. almost two of a kind infact! Americans leave much to be desired. i think you guys are in a world of your own.
On a trip to Greece i encountered many displeasing episodes with Greek girls literally jumping on my partner, in front of my face and the minute i turned my back. It seems females especially Greeks prefer the "taken" guy to the "single guy" rather annoying and extremely tragic. He's wealthy of course, they probably wouldn't be soo attracted to him otherwise, but one thing they didn't count on is his respect and love for me. Hands off all you stupid girls out there! And when you see a guy with a girl he's taken! Treat people the way you would like to be treated.. geess it's so simple!

Good luck in your search for the perfect Greek female.. because as far as i'm concerned they suck! My partner must think so too because he's with me and i'm one hundred percent not Greek.

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