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Posted by Martha on January 14, 2001 at 09:57:32:

In Reply to: Crete and Greece posted by Pieter on January 04, 2001 at 07:43:10:

: I recently went to Crete, a great place by the way, love it, great
: weather even in winter.
: People there seem really different from other Greeks, a little
: bit 'crazy' but in a good way ;-)
: Anyway, some guy told me that Cretans aren't originally
: really Greeks at all, but descend from Minoans(?), a much
: more ancient civilization. And this guy told me in his heart
: he doesn't feel Greek, but Cretan. He was really proud of
: the way Crete managed to resist the Turks while the rest
: of Greece just caved in to them, and the heroic stance
: of the Cretans during the German invasion in 1940.
: I don't know much about Greek history, but this really surprised
: me, I always thought of Greece as one big family :-). Was it
: just him or are there other Cretans who think
: like this? Anyway, I'll be visiting more of Crete soon!!

O yes, they are. All the Cretians I know are very proud to be Cretians. - Additionally I have to tell you a short story that tooke place on Crete last war: An old woman was sitting on here doorstep as german soliders passed by. They asked for potatoes = Kartoffeln. The woman waved with her hands - excited - in order to show that she couldn't give them what they asked for. Finally, they left. After a while, the woman met a friend and told here: "These crazy Germans - I can't believe it - they really asked for my doorstep"(katofli)!!!

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