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Posted by Maya on January 23, 2001 at 11:21:49:

In Reply to: Re: Come on... posted by Giorgos on January 23, 2001 at 08:20:19:

Don't quarrel, friends! It's not only Greeks,if any, because I never saw a single one with such a fingernail,
but I met a lot of Russian,Georgian, Armenian,even Polish men with a lo-o-ong fingernail on their little finger- it's just a kind of some silly fashion, nothing more!


: : Eh... I'm almost speachless...! I ask a simple question, and you "attack" me with a long speach about misconception from foreigners... Wow!

: : But I agree with you... A lot of people are stupid and maybe they think that all greek men are fat, dark and hairy, but I'm not like that. I just tried to find an answer to a simple question...

: : I go to Greece every year and have done that for at lot of years, and have a lot of really great, greek friends. They have told me different stories about this nail... and I just wanted to see what the people on this site meant... Sorry - will not do that again!

: Ok, maybe I should have started a new topic with my point of view about some things on this message board as a whole and not answer directly to your message. However, as I stated earlier this should not be considered as an attack, if it looked that way, I'm really sorry.

: But for me this doesn't change anything, since this question about the "pink finger" or I don't know how else it's called in English, I believe is another example of misconception. If it is true for Greeks in the states or in Australia then I'm sorry, I personally have never come across it in my life in Greece (except the case I told you earlier) and I reacted because I consider it completely disgusting.

: Now, the point is that if a foreigner who was just surfing would come across this, then he could easily characterise Greeks in a bad way. Of course everybody can say: OK mate, relax, everybody is their own person with their own character and you can let everybody understand that through your strong personality.

: However, whether we like it or not if other people have something specific in their mind about your country, the ball is gonna take you as well(I know that's a Greek expression, but I hope everyone understands).

: I know that when people see me or my mates they see something nice, young and fresh and many times they immediately relate to Spain and Italy (countries with many similarity to Greece) but not directly to Greece itself.
: When somebody can tell that I'm from Greece straight away, I immediately know that they either have lived in Greece for a while or met many Greek people and that's really good. But what happens with those people that they haven't had the chance to meet Greeks personally? That's what I would like to change if possible...
: It may sound silly to someone, but that's how I feel...

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