Re: Does a Non-Greek Girl Have a Chance?!

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Posted by BR on January 25, 2001 at 04:40:13:

In Reply to: Re: Does a Non-Greek Girl Have a Chance?! posted by Xenni on January 24, 2001 at 10:47:30:

Good luck and best wishes. Though the cooking part might have been a joke, we have found cooking together (mostly non Greek food) to be great. She is a vegitarian and I am most certainly not. I think that is what sent us down the path of appreciating our differences and making them part of what makes us as a couple unique and special as well as ensuring our autonomy, not allowing them to be barriers that are in place only to retain the heirarchy of control masked within a homogenious society.

I always kept telling myself, I don't care what your Church says, I don't care what my Church says, I really don't care what your mom and dad say, let the two of us be happy, and if our families, friends, and communities want to build upon our happiness and love fantasitc, if they choose to not respect or recognize our feelings for each other then they are free to be as negative as they want. Since we had decided to base our relationship on each other and a common faith in God (forget the denomination) the negativity could not harm us since we were not dependant on their support. Like anything in life, sometimes you just have to do what is the best for you and forget about everyone elses opinion. No one should go through life asking everyone around them "hey, does this look good? Should I be friends with this person? I'd like the chicken, but I thought I would check with you first. Can I use the bathroom?" This is a luxury that being an adult affords everyone of us. The question is are we strong enough to assert our autonomy. To that I say, as a couple you are strong enough to do anything you want!

: Thank you SOOOOO much for your words of wisdom. My faith has been renewed....all of the information makes things a lot more clear for me.

: I will definitely look into the materials you have suggested. Now if I could just master the cooking part........ha ha.

: I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to help me. When you re-find your Soul Mate after 10 years, it makes you believe that God DOES have everything to do with it....and I know He wants us to be happy....all of this will help that happen, hopefully.

: Thank you again and again!

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