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Posted by Giorgos on January 25, 2001 at 10:27:10:

In Reply to: Re: Come on...MHN ANHSYXISEIS GIWPGO posted by Joanna on January 25, 2001 at 06:59:57:

I will disagree with you in some things.
With your sayings I should be heading straight to hell by now. Somehow, I think I might escape this one!!
I wanna consider myself a good man, I have many faults as well of course, but this is just natural. God will not judge you on what you did, but on what your motives were, that is why as you said you cannot blame everything on people that may be acting in a specific way out of their ignorange.

Now as far as people in church etc, I will say that if you go to any weddings in Athens, not only the women wear make up, but it has become the no 1 catwalk. The same happens whenever you go to church in main celebrations etc, it's more like a social gathering.

As far as sex before marriage is concerned, society has moved on and the church as well as the people have to conform to today's society.

If I have a beautiful relationship with a woman, it makes me and her happy, I do not see anything wrong with that and nor does God. I can be monogamous with that woman and maybe in several years I marry her as well, would I still be considered a sinner or will my sin be erased?

Unfortunately (or fortunately!!) in modern society in order to be able and marry and have a proper family, you need first of all to have a some sort of finacial background that can help you support this family. Under these circumstances you need to study first, spend two years in the army (for the Greeks at least) and a couple of years of profesional experience. This doesn't automatically mean that you cannot have relations with the opposite sex untill you've reached 30!! Now in the old ages you would marry and be working at 17 because that was the only way...

Now as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't go to church in earings etc, because I respect the church as establishment (also i wouldn't do that even at work). However, this doesn't mean that by wearing an earing if I like and listening to rock ("the devil's music" as it was once characterised) that makes me a sinner...



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