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Posted by ourania on April 16, 2001 at 22:04:44:

In Reply to: greek orthodox wedding posted by evelyn on April 16, 2001 at 06:53:27:

Dear Evelyn, what I have to say will greatly affect your actions in the future. Think about this. If you do NOT get married in the greek orthodox church and these are some of the possible things that could happen.

1. If you wish to baptize a cousin, niece, of friend you cant.
2. The reason why the koumbara has to be greek orthodox, is because tradition is that your koumbara will baptize your first child. Since a non-orthodox person has no Idea about our ways and traditions how can that person raise your child in the orthodox way of life. Orthodox is not just greek........... get that out of your mind Orthodoxy is all over the world. It is the true religion since 33ad. if you have serious doubts about getting married in the orthodox faith you are being astrayed. Talk to your local priest, call the theology school in Brookline, MA if you dont feel comfortable to talk to your priest. EXCUSE me for being blunt, but Orthodoxy is not a half ass religion. Either your are orthodox and participate in all the sacriments or your not. That something you should seriously think about. However, if you plan on taking your children to the Orthodox church what kind of example are you setting from the beging. Getting married by the justice is not that simple either. And if the Koumbaro thing bothers you THAT much there must be and aunt and uncle cousin that you must have close to your heart.

ON the other hand, COngratulation on the engagement.

: hello

: My fiance & I are planning our wedding and I'm finding it difficult to decide whether to go ahead with an orthodox wedding or not. Firstly, although my fiance is not of greek heritage he said he'll fully support my wish for us to be married in an orthodox church.

: The dilemma is that whilst I feel a strong connection with my greek heritage, my family does not have strong links with others in the greek community. Hence, I am at a loss as to how to choose a koumbara/koumbaro - especially as I've been told the person must be orthodox. However,I do not beleive in just asking someone for the sake of it, I would prefer to ask someone who I trust/respect and have a strong connection with.

: At the moment I'm even considering just having a civil service and avoiding all the dilemmas of an orthodox service.

: Does anyone have any worldly advice??

: Evelyn
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