Re: "Ola pane mia xara" - Interpretation?

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Posted by Joanna on April 25, 2001 at 10:03:29:

In Reply to: "Ola pane mia xara" - Interpretation? posted by Mike A. on April 22, 2001 at 16:22:20:

: I would be happy if someone could give me an interpretation of the following Greek song (lyrics by Takis Karnatsos, music by Giannis Spanos). A translation is not necessary, as I understand the words but not the message of the song. Answers are welcome in English or in Greek.

: Thanks in advance,

: Mike A.


: Με καφέ γαλλικό, στο πιάνο κάποιο τζαζ κομμάτι
: γύρω αφίσες ρετρό σε φόντο ονειρικό
: τον χαμένο καιρό να ψάχνουν όλοι - τι απάτη
: σ’ έναν κόσμο πικρό με χιούμορ σχετικό.

: Κι όλα παν μια χαρά, τι κέφι στα γνωστά μπαράκια
: μη ρωτάς ποιος γλεντά θα δείξει ο καιρός
: όλα παν μια χαρά, του ροκ [?] θυμίζουν προσφυγάκια
: ναν’ καλά τα παιδιά, μα εγώ πεθαίνω αλλιώς.

: Με τσιγάρα βαριά, κουβέντες που δεν βγάζεις άκρη
: τραπεζάκια γνωστά, στυλ προπολεμικό
: και η άλλη γενιά με το μπογιατισμένο δάκρυ
: μια μπλεγμένη αγκαλιά, στη μέση πάλι εγώ.

: Κι όλα παν μια χαρά, ....


This is a VERY confusing song. Here goes anyway:

He's sitting playing at a piano in modern times perhaps in France (drinking his french coffee) but he's thinking of a time in the past.
He mentions a painting -I would say it's a vague image or memories in his mind . He mentions refugee children. Perhaps his background is of a refugee type situation. He could have been one of those children long ago. Although it appears that everything is going well (pane mia xara) on the surface, things really are not -now and then when he was a child. There is hidden sadness and bitterness by all the people who were hurt during that time such as himself. Perhaps he's remembering back to when he was a child just before war (the Asia minor catastrophe?) that is why he can't understand what the older men (smoking the heavy cigars) are talking about. Things were happening but he was too young to understand. The "painted tear" could have been shed by his mother as she was holding him in her embrace.

Perhaps my assumptions and this interpretation are totally wrong but that's all I could make of it.


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