Why are Orthodox against the Pope ?

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Posted by Basil on May 06, 2001 at 16:34:03:

In Reply to: The Pope's visit to Greece posted by Somebody on May 02, 2001 at 14:47:50:

In a summary:

1) The 4th Crusade (1204 A.D.). This act has often been described as the single largest criminal act in human history. Why ? Because, at the behest of Pope Innocent II (yes, his actual name), the world's largest (and richest) city allowed a western army to pass through to reach Jerusalem. The resulting action of this Orthodox act of kindness was reciprocated by the looting of such scale that even Hitler's sacking of the Jewish wealth of Europe in W.W. II pales in comparison. To put it into perspective, the official historian of the Roman Catholic Church, Pierre de Villehardouin, claims that the "Holy Crusaders" were able to steal the equivalent (in gold) to the treausuries of the world's next 40 richest cities !!! The millions of books stolen resulted in this crusade led to the creation of Europe's first universities (Padua, Oxford, Paris and several others). This single blow resulted in such a weakening of Byzantium that the conquest by the Ottomans 250 years later became a reality (this Holocaust lasted for 400 years!!!)

2) The Uniate church, which portends to have an Orthodox face but is really the blade of an axe trying to break the grip of the Russian (this is mostly an eastern European issue) Orthodox Church. It is through the Uniate movement, in fact, that Poland today is so fervently pro-Rome.

3) The political nature of the Holy See, whose very existence is in direct contradiction to Christ's
"Render unto Cesaer what is Cesaer's and to God what is God's"; when was the last time that one saw a T-shirt that said "I love Christ" during one of the many open-air masses that millions of young people have attended in the presence of the Pope ? Each time the hawkers of trinkets put the image of the Pope front and centre.

Thanks for listening,

In Christ's brotherly love,

Basil (I am not a member of the clergy).

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