Re:So, it's only me that you hate?

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Posted by Maya on May 07, 2001 at 15:41:42:

In Reply to: Are you going to answer posted by b on May 06, 2001 at 16:35:01:

So it's only me that you hate?OK, I can live with it.I can be ignorant or unlogical or whatever you want to call me.I can stand it also.Having Russian-Orthodox husband I'm the last person in the world to speak about "race" and "purity"!
However, I hate these new theories or so called
"new historians", who are trying to deprive the nation(any nation) of it's national identity, history and culture. You preferred not to see that
I said that every nation in the process of development was "mixed" with the others, but it does not mean that this nation stopped to exist-it's only another stage of development of the nation.Another thing- all this proganda that modern greeks are not the same greeks or modern jews are not connected to anscient ones -has a political meaning having to do with sovereign terrytories of different countries.A year or two
ago in american pedagogical journal there was an article,with the clear idea that modern greeks are not greeks at all,they are more turks than anything else and so on and so forth- one of the efforts to re-write history.
I'm not interested in who is marrying who, but I'm for cultural divercity.I want to come to Greece and to feel that I'm in Greece,(or Italy, France).And this means the unic culture of the country and the special ethnic type of it's cityzens. You can be for proksenia,some others are against it-it's not always racism. Nation usually absorbs the newcomers if it keeps it's culture, religion and tradition.And continues to exist.Thats all. You need a lot of imagination to see here all the things you accuse me of...By the way-who do you feel more- Italian or Irish? Because in many cases it really does not depend on the percent of this or that blood in us-it's what we feel.
P.S.Again, I never said that the ship was flying
American flag.It's name was "Saint Louis" and there was 900 refugees aboard...

: I have a hard time seeing words of hatred toward any people in my postings. In fact there are very few, if any, references to nationalities as a whole. My statements were directed at you. I wouldn't dare say a nation, a culture, etc. is ignorarnt, unlogical, misinformed, etc. I would however say that about you.

: If you were not refering to racial or ethnic purity and its importance, will you please explain what you were saying. You have made the statement, now I would hope you have the knowldege to back it up. Your reply to my post did not accomplish, explain, or prove anything.

: B

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