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Posted by Niko on May 08, 2001 at 04:50:02:

In Reply to: Ethnic greek? posted by John on May 07, 2001 at 07:57:57:

You are right. When we think of the stereotypical italian we think of the dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes. The southern italians are definately like this. But have a look at this my friend, this deals with a little ancient Greek history you might like to have a look at: "Several centuries later (750-550 BC) a rapid population increase and a consequent shortage of food, the rise of trade and industry, and other conditions led to another great colonizing movement. Colonies were established in places as widely separated as the eastern coast of the Black Sea and what is now Marseille, France, and included settlements in Sicily and the southern part of the Italian peninsula. The latter region was so overwhelmingly inhabited by Greeks that the area became known as Magna Graecia (Lat., "Greater Greece")."

HMMMMMM! Do a search on the Greek influence in Southern Italy or use the term Magna Graecia? Or better yet take a look at the following article at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) website, entitled "Italians Plan Genetic Park" It discusses villages in Southern Italy which are a rare example of a racially pure population, because some of the villages were so isolated over the centuries. Their ancestors can be traced back to (you guessed it, SORRY!!!) a small band of Ancient Greek settlers. Why don't you do a search on the following Italian-Greek dialect "Grecanico" that is still spoken today by some people throughout southern italy?

: Greeks to me look like all the other caucasian people, I think greeks are typical whites as all the other Europeans.I think the only exception of non-european blood in Europe, besides the gipsies, are the southern Italians and the southern Spanish and Portuguese that have african and arab blood in their veins. You can notice that seeing many Italians or Spanish with dark skin and strong facial features, all things that greeks lack being pure white europeans!
: BTW I am half greek and half Pakistani, my mother family comes from Larissa and she is blue eyed and blond!

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