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Posted by chris on May 18, 2001 at 01:35:36:

In Reply to: ARE YOU ALL REALLY GREEK!!!!!???????? posted by Gunter Steiner on April 26, 2001 at 11:09:39:

: I read a book many years ago written by a German Anthropologist who claimed that there was VERY LITTLE CONNECTION IF ANY between the ancient greeks (who enlightened the world with their culture) and the countries modern day inhabitants who he claimed were a mixture of halfbred turks and slavs but mosltly turkish.He also highlighted earlier periods of history with the destruction of cities like Sparta and Athens which were destroyed,its male inhabitants killed and women sold into slavery and the cities reinhabited by Roman citizens from surrounding areas.I dont personally now how true or Factual his study really was as i have never seen or heard of anything similiar in any anthropological journal but modern day greeks look identical to their Turkish-Arabibic Cousins therefore if the proof is in the pudding he must have been right.Does anyone remember this Anthropologists name and if so what are your thoughts on his theory?????

In response to the steiner statement... I find it ironical that a Jew would give credence to a so called anthropologist who originates from the Arian race!
It is true that Greece was enslaved by the Ottoman Empire for some 400 years however, unlike the Jews we have maintained our land; like the Jew we also retain our culture, religion, and language. I think you will find that the truth is the Turkish people are more likely spermed by Greeks... The fact that during the 400 year occupation the Turkish people stole baby boys and raised them as their own to later have them fight unbenowingly against their own true race - Hellenes! And did you know that they also kidnapped women for their harums. In fact Greek history reveals grand suicides by women who were raped and impregnated by Turks... Ref: Suli in Epirus.
In recent history there is no doubt interbreeding is widespread throughout the world, especially since the world is growing so small!
I feel Steiner is commenting from egotistical point of view, one which has only condemned his race - the Jews as racists. In general we're all spiritual beings with the same wants and desires.

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