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Posted by Joanna on June 01, 2001 at 04:36:15:

In Reply to: food posted by Tamara on May 30, 2001 at 23:14:21:

: Hi everyone I really need help on something well does anyone know what kinds of food the Greek people ate a long time ago or even now like name and what are in them and all so what kind of entertainment they had.
: I whould be very greatful.
: thanks bye
: Tamara

Hi Tamara,

I'm assuming you're speaking of Ancient Greeks. The following information I found in a book called "Life in Greece in Ancient Times" by Paul Werner. (This info does not contain any specific names of foods unfortunately):


The first meal of the day, which was taken on rising, consisted of a little bread soaked in wine.

...Almost everything was eaten with the fingers.

...It had been customary to start courses capable of whetting the appetite, though not necessarily cold. This was followed by a great variety of meat, fish, vegetables and stews.

...Originally the dessert had been quite a simple course; during the Macedonian period, however, it amounted almost to a second meal, complete with game and poultry, fresh or dried fruits and cheese. In In order to work up up a thirst, the guests would eat plenty of garlic, onions, salt mixed with cumin or other herbs, and salted or spicy cakes. Pastries were also eaten in abundance. Attica was famous for it's cakes, in which honey was used instead of sugar. Cakes were also made of cheese, poppies and sesame."


Among the types of entertainment customary during meals, there was one which involved the asking of extremely awkward questions: anyone unable to answer was subject to a penalty, which usually consisted of drinking a glass of salted wine, while there were rewards given for the correct answer. The 'Greek Anthology' contains a large number of these questions, which are usually in the form of riddles. Here are a few examples:

- Do not speak, and you will express my name; but if you do name me by saying my name, you will not express me at all! (Answer: Silence)

-I am the black child of a bright father; a wingless bird, I climb up to the clouds. No sooner am I born than I vanish into thin air. (Answer: Smoke)

-I was born on the mountain; a tree was my mother, and the fire my father: I am a compact blackish mass; but if my father makes me melt in an earthenware vase, I can cure the deepest wounds in vessels. (Answer: Tar)

Dinner parties wer often enlivened by the use of buffons who usually made a habit of making the wrong answer to everything that was said to them, so as to incur penalties which most often made them look ridiculous. Some buffoons had a glib, caustic style, and were allowed to make all kinds of critical comments which would not have been tolerated from anyone else."

I hope this information is of some assistance.


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