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Posted by Dalton on June 16, 2001 at 02:29:42:

In Reply to: Burnt by a Greek man posted by Billi on June 12, 2001 at 03:37:22:

I'm sorry to say but both of you are wrong! I am of Greek heritage and believe whole heartily for marriage and love. Sophia, unfortunately, this will not work out and it is not a Greek thing it is a responsibility thing! There are good people and bad people in every race, but you cannot assume that all Greek men are this way…. there not. Don't be so blinded by ethnic backgrounds that you can't see through the forest. You both are learning the hard way. As for the girl in the UK, no offense but it takes two to tango...and if this dummy doesn't care for you enough to stick with you and through this …then he wasn't worth it...was he and you made a big mistake. Unfortunately, you will have be the one responsible. Next time do it correctly and you won’t have this problem.

Good or bad we all have met someone that was terrible and crushed our hearts, but it doesn't mean all are that way...In my case I fell in love 3 times with American girls who were not of Greek decent and they cheated on me, …Why, because I was a nice guy? Partly so, but they did it because they are who they are. Many women tell me that I am a very handsome man. So why did they do this to me? So what does that mean? All women are liars? I think not.

Find the guys who'll swoop you off your feet. Not just go out with you because of yours and his hormones are uncontrolled. It takes two.... Here is my rule of thumb.... if someone does not treat you the way you should be treated - then dump them. They're not worth it! Next time find someone like you.

With Blessings and much success

Gregorios Anastasios Morakeas

(Dalton Creed)

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