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Posted by Billi on June 21, 2001 at 02:42:22:

In Reply to: Re: Burnt by a Greek man posted by Eleftheria on June 20, 2001 at 13:31:57:

I love it! you crack me up- I love the way you wrote- thanks for the laugh

: : It disturbs me that I even have to admit to being burnt by a 33 year old Greek bloke. Anyone would think that by the age of 33 you would be able to make up your own mind about who you were, what you wanted and where you were going in life! How have other ppl found Greek men? Have they found them as gutless and as indecisive and as emotionally underdeveloped as I have. I want to keep giving them a chance but I just don't think I can any more! Some insight girls and guys! My patience and belief in the ellusive is wearing thin.

: ------
: well, there you go. as a 20s-something american, i personally discovered the term 'kamakis' the first week i was here and from then on applied the theory that every greek man who came on to me was a 'harpooner' or kamaki-in-training unless there was evidence to the contrary.

: and most of the time, they have been kamakis! dresses like a kamaki, makes 'boo boo eyes' like a kamaki, whispers sweet nothings like a kamaki, puts his hand on your skin like a kamaki, tries to talk you out of your skivvies like a kamaki, pours your wine and lights your cigarette like a kamaki - taDA, it's a kamaki!

: but how delightful they can be, as long as you remember to let the hunter think the deer doesn't know it's being hunted...

: i think you should just relax. don't take them seriously and don't put 'em on your rolodex. and for pete's sake, don't take your 'relationship' seriously! ain't no such thing as a relationship with greek men. or any, men, really (to be fair), in the Gen X generation.

: so enjoy them, take notes for your autobiograpy, and send them on their way.

: whether you want to slap them on the ass on their way out the door is completely optional!

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