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Posted by GS on June 29, 2001 at 02:46:59:

In Reply to: Re: greek guys posted by maria on June 28, 2001 at 09:30:25:

: Sorry Jeanne but I have to kind of agree with Kosta on this one. (But not with the way he expressed it.)

: I do realize that you are giving Angela what you honestly consider to be good advice.

: Since you have worked with youth and are familiar with their behavior wouldn’t it be best to give cautionary advice on both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms have yet to be 100% full proof on pregnancy and STDs. And since you work with youth you have the responsibility to mention both precautions (protection and abstinence. Just because everyone does something and it has become “normalized” it does not necessarily make it right, and I really believe that we as adults have the responsibility to give suitable and sound advice. We should be warning Angela on the behavior of many Greek males and asking her to be cautious and to not do something she may later regret, be it pregnancy, transmitted diseases or a broken heart.

: I think we as adults bare much of the responsibility for having such a large percentage of our youth sexually active. By giving the simple answer of “remember ‘protection’. It’s guys in general” we give the implication that it is okay to casually sleep around with men and that we as women don’t have the strength of will and mind to not let some guy charm his way into our bed.

: So please don’t so rudely contradict and oppose someone else’s opinion when it differs with yours. Yes, you were giving advice but there are many of us that consider it very poor advice because it is misconceiving and incomplete.

: Maria


wether we like it or not boys are boys everywhere. Maybe Greek boys are a bit more hot-blooded than their north European counterparts but they are still normal, ie if a girl doesn't want something it's up to her to make it clear to the guy.
Now, if a 17 year old girl goes with her friends on holiday, inevitably boys will be also part of the people she will meet and want to be with. Unfortunately advice in our age of absence of sex i don't think is suitable anymore for various reasons. It is up to the girl to decide, and probably she has made up her mind whether we like it or not.

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