Re: Orthodoxy vs. Ancient Hellenic Religion?

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Posted by GS on July 19, 2001 at 08:05:43:

In Reply to: Re: Orthodoxy vs. Ancient Hellenic Religion? posted by Achilles on July 19, 2001 at 05:50:24:

Look Achilleas,
I really believe that the discussion was good, however i don not intend to take it a lot further than this, since I believe it is very time consuming in this form of discussion. it would be alot easier to sit down and a discuss a few things face to face than that.

Quickly about your questions and to bring thins to an end, my view is:

1. and 2. These are not my words, i think it's Themistoklis's if i'm not mistaken.

3. As i said "it could be taken" as it happened by maya as well and maybe many others. I will not start analysing anti-simitism but briefly (instead of only direct hostility against Jewish people) some comments that might appear that someone will not accept something just because is Jewish related, can also be regarded as that. However, you gave your point of view and said that was not the case. Point accepted, do you accept at least any of my points as well?

4. Hitler for example may have used the Christian religion to hurt the Jews and others that oposed him. It was his fault. Christianity says that you shall not comit adultery. If I find out that my neighbour cheated on his wife and I as a "good christian" go and kill him because he "sinned", then I'm using religion in a way that i found it correct myself, but it actually is admitedly wrong. It is my fault though and not the religion's itself. The way you put it, you can doubt the infallability of any religion and not christianity only. In fact, the reason is the way humans perceive things in general and nothing to do with any specific religion.
And that goes for any aspect of society and life.

5. I do not believe that religion was the sole cause, but that it was one of the main ones.

6. Some of your points that I would consider extreme was what you mentioned as:
"survival of the fittest"
"…a foreign entity invades the natural habitat of a local wildlife. How long before a potentially serious disruption occurs within the environment?"

As I mentioned before, i don't think that there is always an inevitable disruption in that case. It might turn out to be a very positive outcome as well. About survival of the fittest, I've explained previously.

I've also given you an example how christianity has helped our country. Also the fact that in many places all over the world the only place that Greek children can properly learn to speak and write the Greek language is the local Orthodox churches, is another example that i can quickly think of.

7. I don;t prefer to keep things hidden and also as I've said earlier I mostly find almost any form of religion (inlcuding Christianity and the ancient forms) quite out-of-date in modern societies.
I would agree with Victor saying that Greek people find Orthodoxy more like a Greek tradition knowadays than religion itself.

9. Measures according to me would be not seeing everything black or white and only from our point of view, but try to see both ends of the coin. This thing you called it duality, I like to call it open-mindness and an effort to find the truth in whichever end this may be.

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