Satan Did It!

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Posted by costas on July 25, 2001 at 23:37:33:

In Reply to: Re: Our Greek heroes would "turn in their graves"... posted by Joanna on July 23, 2001 at 21:38:35:

Satan Did It!

By The Infidel Guy

I thought this was amusing

I've noticed all these WWJD? plaques on the back of cars all over here in GA. A major problem with this concept is that the question isn't reasonable. The question should have been, "What did Jesus do?", because no one knows what Jesus would do. Christian theists only know what the biblical mythology says Jesus did. The Bible is clear that Jesus walked on water, healed the sick, helped the blind, fed
starving people, and of course, let's not forget, stated that if anyone loves, their mother, father, sister or brother more than him you can't go to Heaven. This stuff we know. Now, what about Satan? What did Satan do? Nothing. I haven't read a story yet where Satan kills hundreds of thousands of men in a jealous rage, causes world wide floods, causes plagues, famine, disease, killed the first born of every Egyptian family, pitted brother against brother, commands that you must love him more than your family, nor did he sacrifice his only begotten son (whatever that means) for a ridiculous cause that obviously didn't do any real good. Satan appears to be the "good" guy. Kicked out of Heaven because he asked a few questions. Satan seems more moral than God.

Let's think about this, surely one would suspect that after a few thousand years that Satan would have asked God repeatedly to get back into Heaven by now. But the all-merciful, loving God decided to keep Satan down and make him as miserable as possible. If I met Satan, I would give him a great big hug. Poor guy. This, "loving God" was nothing of the sort when it came to Satan. The xtian hypocrites never discuss showing Satan love. Why? Because they are hypocrites, and they don't truly believe what they claim they do. If they did, no one would sin. If you were a xtian and your father walked in on you having sex, you would immediately stop and be utterly embarrassed. As a matter of fact the act of intercourse would not have even begun if dad was in the room. If God (the omnipresent father of all fathers) is with the xtian hypocrites as they proclaim, then how is it possible that they can screw right in front of him without even a serious thought? If they can't screw in front of mom and pop, how is it so easy to screw in front of God? Something's wrong here. It's quite obvious that this God character, is really some distant "peek-a-boo" deity that only comes around when it's convenient for them. One xian had the audacity to tell me that God turns his back. So!!! He is supposed to be all knowing. Even if he turned his "infinite" back he would still know. "I'm only human," isn't an escape, it's a miserable excuse for the reason they "are" human. Only human? As if to say being human is a frailty, a hinderance. They think that when they reach this spiritual existence they will be devoid of their human deficiencies. I would rather cease to exist than to not be what I am. Funny enough, that is exactly what the "dooms day" theists are anticipating.
But how did this all start? The "light verses darkness" concept originated with the Sun. In a time when men were ignorant of the world around them, man described what they were viewing. The Sun has always been our salvation. There wasn't a comforting light switch to flick on when needed, nor were their candles. At night men were entrenched in fear and the unknown. And who would bring man out of the darkness and enlighten the world? None other than the Sun of righteousness arising with healing in his wings. (Malachi 4:2). The Sun of God has defeated darkness once again. This is interesting because the Sun in almost every ancient culture was depicted as an orb with wings. (Not UFO's) Ancient man had no knowledge of space. They could not understand how something could stay aloft without wings. Birds gave man this concept. As long as the Sun has risen there shall be eternal life on Earth. It's very simple. The devils or demons were manifestations of mans fear of darkness. Animals that didn't come out during the day, began to enter the night. If you look at almost every depiction of Demons, what do you see? A skinny, dark, ferocious creature with razor sharp teeth, with outstretched webbed wings. There is such a creature. It's often called the creature of the night, and rightly so. The Bat. The Bat has been a symbol of evil since the beginning. Just as birds (the dove) has been a symbol of light and peace.

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