Re: Greek monks and the curse on Moudros, Limnos!

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Posted by Elizabeth on July 28, 2001 at 04:08:58:

In Reply to: Re: Greek monks and the curse on Moudros, Limnos! posted by Nikos on July 27, 2001 at 19:33:19:

: Elizabeth,

: I agree with you. I wonder what the monks would have been chanting if the Turks had taken their revenge on the real killers (the people of Moudros) rather than the monks. I bet the monks wouldn't be praying for their lost souls for the last 200 years.


That thought occured to me as well. Also, the idea of negative prayer scares me. I think that too many negative thoughts toward someone...CAN affect them adversly. At least the old buzzards were only praying this lousy excuse for a prayer once a year.

:(By the way regarding the womens voting rights topic from our previous messages, take a look at this website. It is a European database containing womens' suffrage in Europe. Greek women received the right to vote in local elections in 1924.
its in the historical summary at the bottom of the page.)

Well...this may have been local elections only. I do believe though that general suffrage didn't come until 1952. In fact...this is what this website says:

"Women's suffrage active: 1952"

This site:

also lists the date as 1952. (Where I got the information from) The dates for Turkey are:

1930 - vote
1934 - stand for election

I'm not trying to argue with this little bit of information that the Turks are somehow more open-minded or better than the Greeks. I'm just trying to say that although Turkey has more than its share of problems, it's not ALL bad. In fact, given the fact that the country is obviously prone to strange laws regarding women and IS interesting that they had a female leader: Tansu Ciller. Also, the virgin nurse thing is very odd given the fact that Marakava Kravachi was tossed out of parliment for daring to wear the hijab. These are all very odd contradictions. My personal opinion is that the secular state's attempts to supress the Islamic identity will only produce a class of religious fanatics...and perhaps this is where the virgin nurse thing fits in. Extreme irreligion produces extreme religion. Here's a report from Kravachi's talk at Johns Hopkins U:

"During our (Johns Hopkins University Muslim Association: JHUMA) Islamic Awarness Week this past year, we had Marakava Kravachi speak (She was the muslima who got kicked out of the turkish parliment for wearing hijab). All the turkish students came, with a turkish flag and everything. They were being so rude to her yelling back at her during her speech and waving thier flag. We had to cut her speech short and escort her out with campus security...All the turkish students were "Muslims" (you couldn't tell with the clothes the girls were wearing). Our campus Imam brought them back in and gave them a short speech. One of the turkish girls called one of the Muslim women who attended the event a kafir b/c of something she said (what the person said was wrong and she was so embaressed after she said it she left). I stood right up and said, "You don't call anbody a kafir. If they say laillaha illallah, they are Muslim." To these turks Islam means being "moral" in speach and maybe performing salat once or twice a day...We invited them to join the MSA, but we never saw any of them. They did however complain to the Dean about our "political" event, but we have free speech."

It sounds as if the Turkish students didn't like the woman's obvious display of religious identity. In fact...Islam isn't even mentioned in their public it? I'm not an expert...but this kind of thing did produce a rather nasty backlash over 20 years ago in another secular Islamic country: Iran.

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