Re: Secret Schools...Do you believe they really existed?

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Posted by Nikos on July 29, 2001 at 23:27:37:

In Reply to: Re: Secret Schools...Do you believe they really existed? posted by Achilles on July 29, 2001 at 17:18:21:

It has been a while since I have studied Ottoman history, but I am not sure to the degree that Secret schools existed, if at all. Greeks held high positions in Ottoman times, mainly because Greek was widely spoken in the Balkans, and also because Ottomans were not allowed to learn foreign languages. In addition, Ottomans classified populations into two main groups. Turks or Greeks. Greeks meant anyone who was a Christian. The Patriarch of Constantinople was granted much authority by the Ottomans to implement rules and govern the Christian populations. In most of the Southern Balkan states, Greek was the only language allowed in Church services. For these reasons I do not believe that Greek was not being taught to Greek officials in Ottoman service, or to the priests and church followers in the various Southern Balkan states (not in the form of secret schools). I am not for sure, but I do think that some Greek language schools must have existed in the more populous cities of each vilyet, such as the vilyet of Epirus (southern Albania and the modern Greek region of Epirus), which was run by Ali Pasha who allowed Greeks and Christians to have much more freedom than the Sultan had desired. The vilyet of Epirus has been acclaimed as a cultural center during the Ottoman occupation, and produced fine scholars, literature (in Greek), art, industry, and had a famous school (name ???). So I do not think that because of secret schools Greek was kept alive, but I do believe secret schools may have existed in smaller areas and assisted the local villagers in learning Greek. The reason for saying they are secret is confusing since Greek was used by non-Turk officials, the Church, and by local populations in the home.


: Elizabeth,

: I believe you may have "stumped" the "bible thumpers" in here.

: I'm guessing they will be voraciously ripping through historical pages in an attempt to challenge your no avail.

: Now that you've possibly unleashed a hard blow of confusion to these Xtians. Have you considered your moral and civic duty to helping these people adjust to reality? Or were you just going to leave them in limbo.

: lol

: Achilles

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