Wanting advice from Greek women

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Posted by Jodie on August 02, 2001 at 18:42:14:

First of all, please forgive me for resorting to stereotypes,
I know it's offensive and inaccurate and quite probably
the source of so much misunderstanding. But (you knew
there was going to be a "but"...) I really would like your
My partner is Greek and I'm not. This has always been a
sore point in our otherwise great year long relationship- and please
know that I completely accept how important his culture is
to him and never would for one moment want to trivialise it.
I know he secretly worries that he's not being true to his
culture by dating outside it.
Anyway, he's about to take me along for the first time to
an occasion with all his Greek friends- most of whom are female.
It's just a casual thing- not a big family occasion with all
his relatives, it's mostly all people in their 20s like we are.
Can you offer me any advice at all on what to do and what not
to do so that I don't stand out as being so obviously the
only non-Greek? It's really important to me to prove to him
(and to myself) that I can fit in. I know ultimately that I
should just relax, be myself etc etc and that I am being far
too paranoid. But from a completely superficial point of
view- can you offer any advice? From what I have seen, you
are all stunningly gorgeous, thin, glamorous and so very
feminine (hopefully, that's a stereotype you don't mind too
much!). I know we females can be each other's harshest
critics so please, any suggestions for this terrified
Australian would be gratefully received. Should I wear
more make-up or less? Should I wear black? Skirt or trousers?
I know it's not really that important but anything more I can
do to put myself at ease will probably mean I am more likely
to be able to relax and be myself.

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