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Posted by Mikos on August 13, 2001 at 20:05:39:

In Reply to: Re: 27 YEARS OF TURKISH OCCUPATION IS TOO LONG posted by Nikos on July 12, 2001 at 05:49:14:

I fear for you Greek brother if you think that writing a letter will solve your problems. No adelfeh, we need to get back to handling our own affairs, and evicting the barbarians. We need to take matters into our hands.

Greek Luv

Paranoia Self Destroya! Come on now you don't really believe that do you? Its not like the letter is threatening President Bush or anybody else. It is asking for a solution to the problem, and it didn't sound like it was implying using violent means. I am sure he has received thousands of different petitions from advocates on a wide range of issues. If we don't voice what we want to see this administration accomplish, we have only ourselves to blame for unwanted outcomes. That is not to say that just because we advocate something it will get done. That depends on how strong our power base is. But I don't think we will be tracked down and murdered by the Americans, the Turks on the other hand.......maybe! PANAGIA MOU!

: Nikos

: : Aren't you all afraid of what the United States Government might do if you send this?

: : If I were to sign this petition and send it off, what guarantee do I have that there will not be an investigation done for "stirring up trouble".

: : I say be QUIET!!! SAY NOTHING and dont get involved if you know whats good for you. Big Brother is watching and if you're not careful YOU WILL get it in the end....NOT THE TURKS!

: : Here's a few websites to read up on government murders and tyranny...

: : Government murders...
: : Unarmed man shot over 100 times by police.
: : Hello out "there", does anyone give a damn?
: : Waco...
: : Civil asset fortfiture laws...
: : Our criminal justice system...
: : Thought crime in America. It's just for the politically-incorrect...well, right now.
: : Government tyranny...
: : How tyranny came to America...
: : Why our government fears an armed population...
: :
: : A leftist says it's time for secession...he's right, I have nothing in common with someone from New York.
: : Juries no longer allowed to tell right from wrong in People's Republic of Kalifornia...find the defendant guilty as I instruct or I'll find you in contempt of court!
: : Did we really win thew cold war? 10 planks of the communist manifesto...
: : Revolution time...

: :
: :

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