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Posted by Maya on August 14, 2001 at 15:41:46:

In Reply to: Re: Macedonia posted by Paris on August 14, 2001 at 11:48:00:

I agree with you, I just used the wrong term.

: As greek causes are dear to you, you should know that the people of Skopje cannot be called as macedonian. It is a slave people which speaks a bulgarian dialect whereas ancient Macedonians spoke greek just as people from Thraki or Thessalia. There were no slavs in Macedonia until the VII AD when they reached the northern part of this area.

: i makedonia itan kai einai elliniki.

: Niko, terror is terror.And yes,the fact that Greece supports PLO and the likes is rather painful for me. Which does not make me think that Greece supports terror, believe me.Nevertheless I understand that it connected with the regional politics, Turkey and so on.I prefer that Greece cared more about palestinian christians-their situation is much worse than you think, and not because of "Israeli agression", but because muslims do everything to make their life impossible, and now the christian population of Bethleem is only 2%, while under the "Israeli occupation" they were the majority. The same thing is happening in Nathareth.
: : Now, please try to understand, that palestinians do not want independent state. The only thing they want is the destruction of Israel. There is no "occupation" now, as 95% of the entire palestinian population live under Arafat control.
: : Some time ago the same terrorists killed greek monk- was he also "the occupant"? Are the Serbs "the occupants" of Kosovo and the macedonians-of FYROM? But it's too long a topic to discuss it here...
: : I'm not greek, Niko, but nevertheless greek causes
: : are dear to me, here you are right.

: :
: : : Maya,

: : : Sou exoun kanei mayia. If everyone thinks this way, then I guess we as Greeks are all Marxist November 17 members who kill British people,FUNDAMENTALIST Orthodox Christians (a nice new title we were given by some of the international press during the Popes visit), and that we have been homosexuals since ancient times. According to the US we are light on detering terrorism, so I guess we are all pro-terrorism. I guess we aren't so different from those terrorist muslims. Take for example the palestinian terrorists, what motivates them to commit these crimes? Could it be because they are responding to Israeli aggression, expansionism, and maybe they are just trying to save their people? It kind of reminds me of EOKA in Cyprus, but I guess you wouldn't think EOKA's activities were negative, because they were fighting for a Greek cause. The Greek state and the general Greek society have supported the Muslim Palestinians (The Cyprus question is often compared with the Palestinians/Israeli problem) and we have supported the Muslim Kurds as well. Take a look at Greek state aid and special provisions for Palestinians(muslims) immigrants in Greece. Think about how you negatively view other people, and imagine what other people say about Greeks. It must be bad, because we as Greeks bitch and condemn eachother till there is no tomorrow.

: : : Nikos

: : :
: : : : Oh,ya, they are so nice and so cultural people, especially the suicide bombers, killing innocent
: : : : women and children, and the crouds in the streets of muslem towns celebrating the death of these women and children, and the mothers promising that all their children will be shahids.
: : : : Wake up and open your eyes! "Bombarded with negative images", indeed! Because you in the West will be the next victim of these nice people.

: : :
: : : :
: : : : : I'd just like to stress that it is the minority of Muslims who are barbarians. We in the West just happen to be bombarded by the most negative images/examples of them.

: : : : : : : that are no greek muslims...muslims are barbarians

: : : : : : And do you know why they are barbarians? Unfortunately, there is only a handful of muslims out there that truly follow the Quoran. Majority of them have misconstrued the translation and have implemented it in their own way, therefore, the rest of us see the misconstrued ways. Again, you get the ones that verbally say they are Muslim and yet they follow nothing from the Quoran, i.e., drink alcohol, don't pray, beat their wives, .... then you get the extremists, i.e. Hesbala, no need to explain there.....

: : : : : : Unfortunately, the handful I mentioned above are the minority and we do not see the REAL meaning of Muslim.....

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