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Posted by L on August 16, 2001 at 09:24:19:

In Reply to: THE POPE IS NOT EVEN CHRISTIAN!! posted by ORTHODOXY-THE ONE ONLY CHURCH OF CHRIST on May 10, 2001 at 22:02:39:

You people can beleive what you want..but you should practice what you preach. When someone comes out with so much conviction as the first poster you jump and attack him because you don't want to beleive what he beleives.

Half of you are Greek Orthodox but you would sooner welcome the dogmas of muslims or other faiths than to contemplate the accuracy of your own.

As for the lady who thinks Orthodox pray to wood and idols. Icons are exactly that, Icons. They are not St. Phanourios or Jesus or the Virgin Mary. We use revere icons we do not worship them. They are likenesses of our Saviour and saints of the Church to aid us in our prayers. They are not the object of what we pray to. You should be a little more open to learning or if you despise our faith so much why did you marry a Greek? Also, remember at one point all Christians shared the same faith. The pope of Rome creeated the schism in the Church and that is a well documented fact. The Orthodox faith is the only faith that has not changed its doctrines and practices as the moods of leity or polticians changed. The papacy is a joke. Catholicism has been inovated numerous times. Most Catholics don't even understand their faith...essentially the infalacy of the Pope means that he is deemed the vicar of Christ...almost elevated to the level of divine. We beleive God is with us...he is not ' too busy ' to watch over his children...he does not need to send his trusty Pope to lead us to salvation.

To those who assumed that the first comment meant you will rot in hell because you are not Orthodox. The truth is we are not God, and we have our own sins to attend to. The goal of the faithful is to attend to their own salvation and not worry about beleivers of other faiths. As an Orthodox Christian, I beleive it is the 'true faith'. As such I cannot accept another as being correct. That being the case, I will try to follow the teachings of my church. Your own business is your own. And as you said, many Orthodox are worse people than heterodox (other denominations). Its in God's hands, not mine, not yours.

As for being friends with non-Orthodox, most of my friends are not Orthodox. However, it does not mean I have to accept what they beleive or tolerate it. Just because they are good people or friends does not mean I have to celebrate their festivals or respect their traditions. Knowing that saints died at the hands of the Ottomons because they would not accept the Muslim faith how can we deny Christ even when we are not tormented as they were (burned, skinned alive, beaten, incarcerated, dismembered). Yet God gave them courage and worked miracles for us to see his power. Anyways, you beleive what you want but first poster was not extreme he/she just had conviction as opposed to these people who disguie their apathy and lack of beleif as 'religious tolerance'. You just don't know what you beleive or you don't care. If you don't care you don't need to show those around you that you are spiritual. The tolerant world will accept you if you are an atheist so do yourself and stop going through the motions and stop attacking those who actually care...

If you truly beleive the Pope doesn't want domination of all faiths you are mistaken. Why do you think he has all these dialogs with politicans and representatives of other faiths. He is doing his homework...he wants unification of the Catholic church...who will lead it? His successor...

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