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Posted by Nikos on August 29, 2001 at 23:09:57:

In Reply to: Re: Heritizmous! GREAT COMMENTS!! posted by Victor Labate on August 28, 2001 at 14:43:40:

Both posts have excellent things to say and hit home. I am leaving for Greece in 7 days, for good, and I can't wait (I would have given you the hours left, alla den thelo na to para travixo). Varethika auti thn koinonia. I did my part to explain Hellenism to foreigners and leave them with a good impression of Greeks. But now I want to enjoy what I think are the good things in life, and most of these things exist for me in Greece. Ouden glikiteron thn patrida.


: Great comments about the Greeks and Greece. . I am 24, live in New Jersey and work for a financial company based in NYC. I feel attached to Greece too even though I am actually half Greek- half Italian and never lived in Greece, instead in France and in the US. I consider myself Greek and people say I look very Greek. I agree with what you said about some Greek Americans. They are not all like that though. Some have been to Greece and they are very Greek. I know even of some who moved to Greece when they were 20 just because they loved Greece. But some Greek Americans are just really bad. Their parents give them everything when they grow up and they think that they are just better than others just because they have more money. They don't speak Greek, they don't care about Greece, they have no ambition for the future, no dreams, they just become plain Americans who only think of getting drunk and laid. In New Jersey, I have seen Greeks that were more trashy that the locals themselves. It's very sad. It's like seing a beautiful Greek girl and when she turns around there is a big tattoo on her back. We shouldn't let Greeks become like that. Greeks are cool. That's why we always need to be close to our culture. IF we let our friends become trashy, soon what happened to the Italians will happen to the Greeks. Italians in Italy are cool, they dress well, they have a sense of humor. Here there are no more Italians but "guidos", meatheads with big muscles and tight shirts. Once I heard a Greek American guy tell me he was homesick when he went to Greece. I thought man you like New JErsey? Even Americans think it's the worst place in the planet. I live here to be in New York but I would never think of settling in this state! Greece is beautiful, the people are cool and fun, women are amazing, the music is great, the clubs are so much better than here. I know so many people who were so overwhelmed when they first went to Greece. There is no other place like it in the world.
: Overall, I still think that Greek Americans are very united and very attached to their culture, and it's great. It's true that Greeks are very successful in America, so let's keep it this way, we should never become like these white trash Americans, but cool, elegant, intelligent people. We are very lucky to come from Greece.

: : Hello everyone. I am a 31 year old, first generation Greek-American living in Malibu, CA. Both my parents are immigrants. My Grandparents were farmers and sheep herders in Macedonian province of Greece.

: : I have been to Greece many times and lived there for 3 years of my life.

: : I took a look at some of the commentary on this board and this is what I would like to voice as my 2 cents:

: : Aside from a handful of Greek-American kids that I grew up with, the mojority of Greeks, that I have met in my life, are not pushing our people's futures further in this country or Greece.

: : I love my heritage. I speak, read and write the language. I embrace Greeks as family where ever I go. But I am disheartened by some of the "sapila" that I see here in the States and in Greece.

: : Most Greek kids that I grew up with were very spoiled. They are now adults. They are not motivated, they mooch off of their parents and they smoke cigarettes and swear every chance they get and they treat women like 2nd class citizens.

: : If you go to Greece, you will wonder how the country functions when all the men are at the kafenia, smoking and talking about everything and nothing all at once.

: : I grew up very Greek but most of my friends were other ethnicities (Irish, Italian, French, German, English). I played lots of sports and studied a lot. I went outside the Greek circles in my community and reached out.

: : I think it made me a much more versatile, open-minded, less separatist and much more humble person than the rest of the Greeks I know.

: : If you look at the solidarity that the Jews have in this country, it makes you wonder what the Greeks could do, collectively, if we all stopped the back-stabbing and unsophisticated jealousy amongst us.

: : Recently I heard a news story on TV that stated Greeks are the wealthiest minority in America PER CAPITA.

: : I think there are only 3 million Orthodox Greeks in North America.

: : My plea... Let's keep making money, marry within our culture, raise our children without our parents' and our own prejudices and grow, as a people, in a positive direction...

: : When you meet people, make them walk away saying, "Wow, I never met a Greek person before. He or she was such a good and positive person.

: : I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

: : Peace,
: : C

: : PS. To the Greeks who run this site. Bravo Palikaria!

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