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Posted by Maria on September 01, 2001 at 09:30:25:

In Reply to: Re: Greek Muslim posted by Victor Labate on August 31, 2001 at 14:11:42:

Veiling is not a mandatory part of Islam. Try reading the Quran! Veiling is a cultural tradition that women in many countries adhere to (try looking at some old Greek costumes). Many muslim women choose not to veil. However, other muslim women feel that by veiling they not only are following the tradition of modesty (that exists in Christianity as well - women aren't supposed to wear their hair loose, wear pants, etc in church are they?) but some also are making a statement concerning their disapproval of western/modern notions of how a woman should be dressed. I have personally known and been friends with girls who choose to veil and all while attending the university and holding jobs outside the home. Who could imagine that a woman would choose to shield herself from the wandering eyes of men? You also mentioned circumcision. This is a pre-Islamic practice that is still found among certain groups of people who also happen to be Muslims. Unfortunately, it is forced on women, typically young girls. This, however, is not something sanctioned by Islam. As far as arranged marriage is concerned, Greeks don't practice this? Just a generation or two ago it would have been practically a given that your parents would choose your spouse. Lastly, Muslims also have suffered and fought for freedom. You are very ignorant if you believe that only the Greeks can make this claim.

: Helen:
: Why do you want to wear a veil when you go out? Don’t you think that's the highest form of disrespect towards women? I am just shocked when I hear that you want to go from Christianity to Islam. What’s good in being a Muslim as a woman? You are forced to get circumcised when you are young. Later on you have to cover your face with a veil, so guys can’t see you, and so you can’t one day meet a man and fall in love with him. When you turn 18, you are just forced by your parents to marry a guy that you don’t really want... Some women in Iran are executed for writing books about their condition in their country. Why don’t you go live there, in a harem? Paradise is described in the Koran as a place where a man is surrounded by dozens of beautiful women….
: And I can’t believe that as a Greek, you haven’t understood the value of freedom. Our ancestors fought and died so today Greek people can live in a beautiful and free country. People lost their lives young, their families were tore apart, many kids never had a chance to live a long life, and you come here and tell us that you want to be a Muslim. Well I tell you if you want to be a perfect Muslim go to Iran because in Greece there is too much freedom for you. You are sinning just by watching movies on TV, going out to a taverna, or enjoying a day at the beach. You can’t be a Muslim by living among the Greeks, I am sorry.
: There was another girl Elizabeth who was defending the Turks when even today they are killing Greeks in Cyprus and still want to take our islands. If I were the President of Greece, I would ship you to Iran for your own good, so you can be a real Muslim.


: : I was reading some of the posts on here and was quite shocked and upset by some of your attitudes to what Islam is. I left a short message for Sara but after reading these posts I couldn’t help but reply and defend the poor girl.
: : Why bring up terrorist? There are terrorists in every religion and race. I am a convert to another religion not another race. I am still Greek, speak, and have Greek parents nothing has changed but the book of God that I read.
: : I went to a catholic school and I attended Greek school on Saturdays I know what the Christians believe in, inside out. I got high grades for Christian religious education and quite enjoyed it. I was always aware of a God.
: : Then I also studied Islamic religion. It is not very different to Christianity and Judaism. It all made sense to me. Things that I could not understand in the bible were answered in the Quran. The bible tells Christians to practice in a certain way. but they do not follow. In fact practicing good muslims Practice the bible more than christians. It is said in the Quran to respect other religions especially the Christianity.
: : "Never Judge a Religion by it's People, Judge a Religion by it's Scripture!"
: : So if you want to challenge Islam visit
: : Then write to me here or privately with your questions or criticism.
: : Some of the biggest misconceptions that many non-Muslims have about Islam have to do with the word "Allah". For various reasons, many people have come to believe that Muslims worship a different God than Christians and Jews. This is totally false, since "Allah" is simply the Arabic word for "God" - and there is only One God. Let there be no doubt - Muslims worship the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus - peace be upon them all. However, it is certainly true that Jews, Christians and Muslims all have different concepts of Almighty God. For example, Muslims - like Jews - reject the Christian beliefs of the Trinity and the Divine Incarnation. This, however, doesn't mean that each of these three religions worships a different God - because, as we have already said, there is only One True God. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all claim to be "Abrahamic Faiths", and all of them are also classified as "monotheistic". However, Islam teaches that other religions have, in one way or another, distorted and nullified a pure and proper belief in Almighty God by neglecting His true teachings and mixing them with man-made ideas.
: : First of all, it is important to note that "Allah" is the same word that Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews use for God. If you pick up an Arabic Bible, you will see the word "Allah" being used where "God" is used in English.
: : This is because "Allah" is the only word in the Arabic language equivalent to the English word "God" with a capital "G". Additionally, the word "Allah" cannot be made plural or given gender (i.e. masculine or feminine), which goes hand-in-hand with the Islamic concept of God. Because of this, and also because the Qur'an, which is the holy scripture of Muslims, was revealed in the Arabic language, some Muslims use the word "Allah" for "God", even when they are speaking other languages. This is not unique to the word "Allah", since many Muslims tend to use Arabic words when discussing Islamic issues, regardless of the language which they speak. This is because the universal teachings of Islam - even though they have been translated in every major language - have been preserved in the Arabic language.
: : Helen...

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