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Posted by Natalia on September 05, 2001 at 01:25:31:

In Reply to: Re: Reality check... posted by depi on September 05, 2001 at 00:17:34:

I certainly can see your degree of respect, your vulgarity shows your true breeding. Money might have done you some good - classes in construtive language for debate.

How did you feel your previous post showed any degree of your “respect to Blacks”. Be honest with yourself – were you not making a cut when your mentioned “(mostly they sell fake cds on the st.)” – were you fair??? Are there no Black Students, Black Business Owners, Black Professional Athletes in Greece??? Be honest with yourself at least.

Yes you own a “home” in manhattan “Astoria” --- In regards to your comment about knowledge of the area you were in since the only black people you saw were selling cds. It’s the same as you knowing I live in a wonderful area in the real MANHATTAN because there no pays phones on my street. – do you know that street???

I feel sorry for you - knowing only “some very educated people in the States” - I’m lucky enough to know MANY. I’m lucky enough to know very educated people of many races. I pride myself in learning about other peoples. I’m not Jewish, yet I’ve read the Kabalah, not muslim yet have read the Quaran, not Buddist yet very well read on Buddism, not Greek Orthodox but am enrolled in classes at the Greek Orthodox Churuch on 79th st. to LEARN about the religion and it's political stand in Greece. I’m fluent in French and hopefully one year after I start my Greek classes( Dec.), I’ll be fluent in Greek too.

I’m currently educating myself about the political (Albanian situation) as well as financial condition of Greece. Just beginning to glimpse the net about the Athens Stock Exchange.

If you feel the need to question me in depth about any of these subjects – kindly post.

Education of the mind is the only cure for whatever it is you have. Try it.

I now truly believe you don’t even see the error in your own words.

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