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Posted by Eleftheria on September 12, 2001 at 11:54:40:

In Reply to: Re: Reality check... posted by Natalia on September 04, 2001 at 17:46:44:

oh, dear....

my apols for having hauled out and mauled depi for her "and you live WHERE?" email. it was the most vulgar thought process i'd come across in a long time. so i had to put in my two pence about how stupid it is to equate money with culture.

only to find - it was natalia that posted that gem. not that depi has any really swift arguments on her own side or anything, but natalia - what were you THINKING??? sorry, but cash does not buy class, to resort to the homespun wisdom that came out of my particular little piece of paradise in nyc. what you're born with and what you take out of this world are going to be the same no matter what else you have the fortune to benefit from in your life.

hopefully your essential personality is a lot more about courage, honesty, wisdom, generosity and strength of spirit than where live and what that means to people you don't know and have no need to impress unless there is something you don't like about yourself. in the end, it's only yourself you own. the rest doesn't count for anything at all. think about it. and stop cat-fighting with depi, see now what ya'll dragged me into? :)

i'm taking myself out of the whole debate now, only to say that the only sense i have heard in that entire batch of postings was from 'come on now'.

come on now...the girl is the only one with a lick of common sense. and i'd bet good money that she knows EXACTLY WHO SHE IS. you don't have to prove to anyone what you already know for a fact. end of story. beginning of living a real life.

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