Re: Narrow Minded's so...hmmm......what's the word?....oh, "Victor"! -- Re: Greek Muslim

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Posted by Victor Labate on November 27, 2001 at 09:59:15:

In Reply to: Narrow Minded's so...hmmm......what's the word?....oh, "Victor"! -- Re: Greek Muslim posted by AJ on October 26, 2001 at 02:58:39:

I was just reading the replies to my post and saw this. AJ who are you ? Why don't you use your full name to insult people on a message board? You probably wouldn't have the guts to do it in front of me. Also you don't know me, you don't know where I work, what I do so please cut the BS I probably know more about the world than you do. Regarding your stupid reply, religion is a choice yes but that's not the point. Don't you understand? We don't like that religion!! And yes most people don't like it, like it or not. America gave you Muslims the freedom to practice your religion but America also gave people the right to criticize you. Yes we don't like it when a woman wearing a veil walks in our neighborhood. And no we won't shut up. YOU soon going to shut up when you are going to feel the full wrath of the United States of America. And no you are not just people, you are animals, you stink, you cause trouble all around the world. Ironically, right after we started that debate about Greeks convcerting to Islam, I saw the World Trade Center collapse. Now I go back to the message board and I just need to reply to people like you and shut your face up. And what do you do in a Greek message board? Greeks are not Muslims and if you are a Muslim you can't be Greeek. Our ancestors never converted to Islam even though they were occupied by Turks for 400 years. And one last thing, this country will always allow freedom of religion but that will never mean this country likes you. Never forget that.

: Thank you Nick, for breaking the monotony of this post. The ground for which you stand, your logic, is admirable. You obviously have respect for yourself, which in turn enables you to respect the world around you.

: Victor seems like a LARGE majority of the earth's vast population that doesn't seem to think before they speak. Either that or they don't shut up long enough to hear anybody else. Whichever the case, Victor, read my lips:
: Religion-is-a-choice.
: Freedom-is-the-right-to-choose.
: Get with the fricken program-
: afterall, we're all just people, remember?!

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