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Posted by Marco on November 29, 2001 at 04:05:11:

In Reply to: Re: To Vicky and Penny posted by Penny on November 28, 2001 at 15:54:26:

let's don't get caught in semantic issues, as I told you I am not native english speaker and it is not my intention to be aggressive in anyone's regards.Did you ever think why am I writing here?
The reason is a nice blond blue eyed girl called Vasilissa, my girlfriend greek from Saloniki. So this is the fact that shows I am interested positively in greek culture.
I wanna clarify some points with you so you can have a better understanding.
HYBRID: I did not give a negative meaning to this word, I was saying that Turkish culture(not race as there is not a Turkish race, they are pretty mixed, from blond people to dark skinned ones). If you'll ever go to Turkey you'll find a striking contrast of western and middle eastern habits, especially in Istanbul.
Visighot and greek: well i am afraid that you have never been to Italy, if you would have been you would have noticed that most of us have dark feature that resembles much more arabs or saracens than greeks or....Visighot. We are a mix of many, many races, but this turns into our actual status i.e. mediterranean. I would say that only sporadically, you can find european looking people in Italy and nearly exclusively in the north.But also in northern greece you find many blonds!As last in southern Italy when someone is very white skinned they use to say that he is of ancient greek origin!
My conclusion is that Greece and its culture are great, but greeks are not the uniquest people in souther in Europe nor the "most exotic looking" as in Italy , Spain, Portugal and even south of France are people at least as dark featured as greeks and in many cases much more.
My message is a peaceful: Keep real! I mean greeks aren't anything specially different from anyother southeuropean people!

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