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Posted by TK on December 10, 2001 at 06:14:03:

In Reply to: Re: Greek and Italian look(what's your opinion?) posted by themis on November 13, 2001 at 22:37:13:


Thank you for saying (ONE) of the oldest Greek bloodlines. However, the only true Greek bloodline left from the ancient periods occur in a small region of Crete. The region of the Sfakia. The Sfakians are tall, very fair skinned (for the most part), light eye's, with hair ranging in all colors.

When we look at breeding habits, and xeno- mixing, they are the people of Greece who mix with outsiders less than most. Also, when we view historical facts, Sfakiani have not been overcome by the invaders due to many reasons. 1. Rigouras terrain, 2. Fierce fighters, and, 3. Refusal to fall under foreign rule(very independent). If you read historical facts, the Venetians, Turks, Arabs, and in modern history, "the infamous Nazi's", "they all got their asses kicked up in "them thar" White Mountains".

But when we look at modern Greece, the touristic drach is even drawing the young men and women to the modern lifestyles(not to contradict myself). So, who knows how long these bloodline will stay intact. Another historical fact is that Sfakiani are the second tallest caucasian breed in the world. Falling behind only to the Dutch in average heigth.

Maybe we need to look at the historical reasons of colonialism. Greece has not really tried to colonize lands since Alexanders rule, so maybe that is the reason Greeks maintained stabalization in the complextion/ features arena.

You do not see Greece accepting Jamacian, Surinam, Algerian, etc..... citizens as some of her EU counterparts do. All in the name of colonization.

Hopefully, this alternative view sheds some light.

: the moors who were of north african decents hevaly bomarded siccily and italy spain portugal in the middle ages and intermingled bloodlines throughout then. siccily was definatly hit amongst the hardest, and infact many northern italians of moreless nordic desent rather dislike siccilians. by the way im a spartan guy who lives in florida and i have blackish brown hair brown eyes and a semi dark complection althogh not as dark as your average southern italian,siccilian. and as you may know spartans have one of the oldest greek bloodlines, they stay amongst other spartans in greece.

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