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Posted by Jack on January 17, 2002 at 15:03:53:

In Reply to: Greek Muslim posted by Helen on August 29, 2001 at 13:01:37:

Dear Helen and Sara:
I found this site by chance in the web , I will answer late.
I am from Syria and I am Christian Arab . I am Greek Orthodox Christian , in Syria 10% of people are Christian. Excuse me but you are not Greek! Because real Greek can’t be Muslim! Islam is strange in Greece . the Great Roman-Greek Empire was destroyed by Islam , it’s a treason for the Greek cause to embrace Islam . In Syria the majority are Muslims , I respect Islam and it’s full of good ideas but it’s never suitable for the European and Western people. In Islam men have to be circumcised and women to put veil and I think these things are not important in God’s mind ! I have many Muslim friends , they are from my best friends , I know Islam very well because I live in an Islamic atmosphere , I am not an enemy of Islam but believe me that Christianity is the best religion! New Testament is full of Love and Faith. Islam is not a religion between God and man (like Christianity) but it’s a law among men and Quran is an Arabic Apocrypha of the New Testament. It is believed that Mohammed took some Christian texts from Bible and mixed it with his teaching , then was The Quran. Try to read a comparative text of Bible and Quran and you will find that Quran is an un-orthodox Arabic translation of Bible. Islam is suitable for some Arabs and Eastern but never for Europe and America. You have to be very proud of your Greek origin because it’s the most important civilization in the world and the main Religion of Greeks is Orthodox Christianity- the most ancient Church - but all Christians have the same divine personality of Our Lord Jesus. I hope you will return again to Christianity an don’t forget to read comparative texts.

God bless us all Jack - Syria

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