I'm shocked too !

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Posted by Vassili on January 31, 2002 at 01:01:48:

In Reply to: I am so shocked!!! posted by Alexia on January 30, 2002 at 23:53:19:

I agree with you ... control is of the utmost importance. I have read about and taken part in this Debate / Posting / conversation from the beginning and have enjoyed reading this board for over two years - learning and interacting with my Greek Brothers and Sisters!

I believe something, which I hold as one of my TRUTHs:

"School is only a foundation for your life and this world,

School is not the eyes used to view this world,

but a Blank Notebook and pencil,

used to record all that you may encounter"

By Me … VLL 1/31/02.

Now, This quote was but for one thing: When you tell me all of these great places where you studied at, YOU must realize that you always must QUESTION and UNDERSTAND what is taught, - THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT! (My use of Capital Letters were meant not in a negative tone, but for emphasis - only)

Main Entry: Mus·lim
Pronunciation: 'm&z-l&m, 'mus-, 'muz-
Function: noun
Etymology: Arabic muslim, literally, one who surrenders (to God)
Date: 1615
1 : an adherent of Islam

One entry found for Moslem.
Main Entry: Mos·lem
Pronunciation: 'mäz-l&m also 'mäs-
variant of MUSLIM

Main Entry: 1var·i·ant
Pronunciation: 'ver-E-&nt, 'var-
Function: adjective
Date: 14th century
1 obsolete : VARIABLE
2 : manifesting variety , deviation, or disagreement
3 : varying usually slightly from the standard form variant readings>
These words are from www.m-w.com (Webster's Dictionary)

One of the most dangerous things in this world is when something is quoted or used but not verified, thought about and understood.

This is my opinion as to why this Debate became very disrespectful, some one threw a stone from a class hart of emotion and not an arrow from ones mind …. VLL .

BTW, I attended PAPOUS university and received by AAS, I am waiting for by BSS - :+).

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